New Couple Alert: Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski!! Deets here.
by Ana Walia | Tue, 15 Nov 2022 19:57:06 GMT
Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are reportedly dating. Image Source: Glamour 

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are reportedly dating.

According to various reports online, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are seeing each other as of now. The insider shared with US Weekly that the duo have been talking with each other for a couple of months now and are in the very early stages, but they do like each other. US Weekly broke the story first, citing celebrity gossip Instagram account Deux Moi, which claimed the two were sighted together in New York City.

After deciding to go their separate ways, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian called off their relationship in August after dating for ten months. And for Emily Ratajkowski, who recently separated from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom she was married for four years and shares a son named Sylvester, Emily decided to file for divorce in September 2022 after various reports of Sebastian Bear-McClard cheating on her came out.

According to a source in July, she isn't speaking to him because of his alleged infidelity, and he isn't speaking to her because he believes she has checked out of their relationship for the last year. She moved downtown to get away from her ex and start a new life. They're only communicating through the nanny.

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A source close to Pete and Emily shared that a mutual friend set them up, and sparks started flying between them as Pete made Emily laugh and loved how intelligent she was. According to a source, Pete and Emily have known one another for a long time because they run in similar circles. According to the insider, they've always had a good time together and liked each other, and they've recently spent one-on-one time with one another and things have become flirty between them. Emily is on the field and having fun dating.

While Pete Davidson was still in a relationship with Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski openly supported the Meet Cute star during an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers in November 2021. Emily Ratajkowski and Davidson had previously collaborated on a photo shoot, and she defined him as a professional, adding, she was pleasantly surprised.

She also commented on Davidson's allure, explaining why women find him appealing. She stated that he is tall; evidently, women find him very attractive, and she believes that only other men feel this way. "Wow, what does that guy have?" say the guys. Pete appears to be incredibly delightful, sensitive, and pleasant, his nail polish is fantastic, and looks great! Emily added that the comedian has a great relationship with his mother and women love that.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski really like each other according to reports. Image Source: Italy 24 Hours Press News

Emily Ratajkowski, who recently opened up about her split from her ex-husband with Harper’s Bazaar, said that she has never been single before and she feels all sorts of emotions, be it anger, sadness, excitement, or joy, as every day is different.

Emily added that the only good thing she knows is that she is feeling all of those emotions, which is nice because it makes her believe that she will be okay. Before she married, the author-model shared that it was difficult for her to go on a date with someone and think about how much she liked or disliked them, adding that she would find herself thinking about how the other person perceives her, what it means, what they would want from her, and what it would mean about her self-worth.

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But now, the model described things as being better as she does not have that feeling anymore, and even though it’s a new experience for her, it’s fun as she can acknowledge the parts of the person she has been on a dinner date with about what she liked and the ones she did not. Before Pete Davidson, Emily was linked to Brad Pitt, and they were excited to see where things would go for them, but later it was revealed that they had been just hanging out as friends.

Speaking of Pete Davidson, who has kept a low profile since his divorce from beauty mogul and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, he has been focusing on his career, and reports suggest that he decided to seek trauma therapy after Kanye West shared numerous violent posts against him. The reason why Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian decided to call off their relationship was because of their busy schedules. Pete and Kim travel all the time because of their work, and even though they tried to keep things good between them, it was getting hard for the couple because of the time difference so they decided to call it off. But since the split was not ugly, they both have been in touch and Kim Kardashian has all the nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend. 

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski have not yet commented on the reports.