Raj Kundra Case: What are the Approaches as per the Indian Law?
by Susweta Bose | Fri, 23 Jul 2021 14:32:24 GMT

Since the day Raj Kundra got arrested, the case seems to be getting more complex. 20th July was not a very amusing day for the Kundra family as Raj Kundra was held on custody for being involved in the pornography scandal.

He was one of the accused as per the FIR filed in the early months of the year 2021. As per the claims, a woman was strained to be a part of a porn movie. She further said that she was promised acting roles after agreeing to be a part of the pornographic content. Kundra was accused of being associated with the production and scripts of the same. Sources say that the movie was uploaded on Hotshots (an application).

In such a scenario, it comes to surprise that Indian law has a chaotic approach towards pornographic contents. It does not support such contents but it has not been prohibited as well. Speaking of which, there are no limitations regarding porn binging and downloading. However, sharing it by any means can be subjected to penalties. 

The section 67A (IT acts) prevents any publication or conduction of sexual content. It is also related to any financial support involved for the sexual contents.  Similarly, section 67 retains the transferring of these contents via electronic means.

Experts say that the objectives and intentions of accused Raj Kundra decides the next turn of the case.