Riverdale Season 6 Trailer Just Dropped in and its Weirder Than Ever
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 20 Oct 2021 12:57:45 GMT
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The bizarre town of Riverdale will soon make a reappearance on your screens, and nothing can be better. While many people were skeptical if the show would go past season 5, the official The CW! Twitter page had put an end to rumors by stating that Riverdale was renewed for season 6. 

Season 5 of Riverdale has already aired and rolled by, and Season 6 is ready to air with its seven years time jump from season 5's storyline. The best part, only about a month would have passed in the real world, and you get to see your favorite characters just after a short break!

All the characters are now out of school, and by the time season 6 premieres, the kids from Riverdale will already be in their 20s. As the couple dynamics of the show shifted in the finale of season 5, it's just a matter of a few weeks to see how the one-time high school sweethearts fare in their new world, mainly because there are going to be a lot of surprises. 

Release date and time

Riverdale season 6 will air on THE CW on Tuesday, November 16 at 9 p.m. ET, which means the show is shifting its airing day from Wednesday and will air an hour later than its previous seasons. Season 6 of Riverdale is going to be a five-episode event and, owing to a very special collaboration, will now be dubbed as "Rivervale."  

A recap on season 5

Season 5 definitely was one of the weirdest ones of the show, but seeing how the show gets progressively more bizarre with each season, Season 6 will not disappoint either. 

What came as a big shocker in the show was when Jughead was seen kissing Tabitha, which was, of course, then accounted to be a mistake on Jughead's part as he feared for his' ship with Betty. But apart from this momentary lapse in judgment, Jughead also suffers from an explained trauma, to understand which he took a mushroom trip, for only Betty to emerge and say that she was sorry for cheating on him with Archie. 

But, everything then becomes topsy turvy as Bettie gets along with Archie, Veronica with Reggie, Alice is with Frank and Jughead with Tabitha. But the one truly chilling part is when Hiram is driven out of town and threatened, which was a change of plan because initially, Veronica and Archie had decided to kill him and dispose of him off. Hiram doesn't go out without a literal bang, which comes in the form of a bomb under Archie's bed that goes off during the season finale. 

And, then comes the part which will have the center stage in Season 6. Cheryl's ancestor Abigail was burned on stake by the ancestors of Archie, Betty and Reggie. And now, Cheryl is in for revenge as she mystically curses, "I will bathe in the blood of your sons and daughters," which is probably going to work as the season renews. 

Everything about Season 6 and the trailer

While Halloween will have long since passed when the Season 6 of Riverdale will premiere, any time of the year with this show is definitely a spooky time. 

True to her word, as she desires the blood of her once friends and now maybe arch-enemies, Cheryl is going to get a few dreadful things done with the help of a special witch just over from the other town. Abigail had cursed the generations of the ancestors of Archie, Betty and Reggie that were to come, and it looks like it's time to see the curse take its true form. 

Most of the work is, of course, done by vengeance-driven Cheryl. The young adult is certainly more unhinged than ever as she forms her very own cult of young female voodoo practitioners. The head lad of the cult, Cheryl, is seen to exclaim mystically, "We must return to the old ways," in the trailer. This is undoubtedly going to be bad news for the three friends because Cheryl on your trail is never a good thing. 

Toni, on the other hand, looks to be as unhinged as Cheryl as she chases after Miss Havisham out of the high school with an axe in a completely ornate dress. Veronica is not on very good grounds either, as she has to contend with a guy who calls himself to be the devil. And, from his appearance, he definitely looks like the part. 

While all of this is chilling enough, nothing could be eerier than Betty getting on Archie and telling him, "There's nothing more that I want than to have your baby." Definitely, a lot to unpack here. She is also seen covered in blood participating in the same cult as Cheryl as she then calls Archie, who joins her on the altar, which looks so much like a sacramental altar. It looks like Abigail is getting her way after all.

And then there also is the matter of Sabrina Spellman making a cameo in the show, and everything is soon going to get really paranormal. Cheryl likely quips, "Look what the black cat dragged in."

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Well, do stay tuned to see more of the happenings in the town with the Pep!