The Most Noteworthy Eternals Reviews to Read Today
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 26 Oct 2021 14:36:31 GMT
Eternals is appreciated for its distinct narrative; Credits: ScreenRant

Can't wait to watch something new and don't know what would be worthy of your time just yet. With new releases like Dune and Eternals taking the cherry on the top, a good watch is just around the corner for you. 

Eternals, the latest Marvels adventure, is scheduled to release on November 5th, and with a star cast like it has managed to accumulate, the film will certainly be a blockbuster. But will it be up to your specific taste? Stick with these reviews to find out!

The star-studded affair that Eternals is the next superhero adventure from Marvels featuring the best names from the industry. With big-name actors like Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie driving the superhero trope, it would be exciting to see how director Chloe Zhao manages to steer this much talent. The film has already been premiered for red carpet events in Los Angeles, London, Rome, and more, and the critics have already chimed in with their interesting thoughts for the film. 

Of course, a film of such a huge extent will surely get some things right under the directorship of Zhao, and yet it isn't too far-fetched to say that too much of a star dazzling affair in a single film can get quite monotonous in no time at all. While many reviews, like the ones from ScreenRant, have already labeled the film 'epic' and 'thrilling,' a few voices have singled out that the film is unlike any other Marvel production before. But is that a good thing? Only time could tell. 

Nevertheless, the film was also criticized quite ruthlessly by a few reviewers as they dubbed the movie not so much of a great watch. The most shocking of it all came from BBC as they went on to declare that Eternals is 'disappointing,' while The Telegraph spared only two out of five stars for the movie to contend with. As the film hasn't yet been released in earnest, only a handful of critical reviews have made way to Rotten Tomatoes, and the film still holds a 73% fresh mark, which is all and well. 

Here are a few other reviews for you to decide if you will watch the film's theatre release after all or not. 

Game Spot is hopeful for further Eternal releases:

The reviewers from Game Spot neither dubbed the film a masterpiece nor dismissed it but showed a subtle inclination for the better aspects of the film. The endpoint was the film plot has yet more to develop and that Marvel can definitely do better with its star cast's prowess. 

The review read: "The strong points of Eternals are able to outweigh the missteps. There is plenty of forward momentum to be found here, and Marvel's willingness to deviate from its own formulas is a hopeful trend that Phase 4 continues to double down on. With any luck, these characters will continue to grow and evolve as they return in future movies, and the techniques Zhao was able to include as a director won't be one-offs." 

Screen Rant is impressed:

Labelling Eternals to be a must-watch for Marvel fans, Screen Rant went on to call the film 'thrilling' and 'captivating.' The review went on: "Zhao is able to provide enough of a different Marvel movie experience for Eternals to feel fresh (at least compared to past phases). Phase 4 is proving to be one of Marvel's most experimental." 

The review also stated: "Eternals is a thrilling, epic superhero adventure all its own, with a captivating emotional heart brought to life beautifully by Zhao's direction. It's a Marvel movie, unlike anything the MCU has seen thus far."

The big blow by BBC

BBC calls Eternals 'disappointing;' Credits: BBC

In the terms of BBC, the film had much scope, especially with Zhao's direction, but the news outlet found Eternals lacking. With a point bringing out that the film does not feature any other superheroes than the Eternals from the MCU, BBC likened the film to be "undoubtedly the most disappointing."

The review went as: "Eternals is more serious in tone and more deliberate in its pacing than the average Marvel movie, with less of the usual banter and no cameo appearances by other superheroes. But, if you're looking for the humanity and originality of Zhao's other films, you won't find much of it here...

Eternals may not be the worst of Marvel's movies, but it's undoubtedly the most disappointing."

Indiewire appreciated the uniqueness of Eternals

The online publication stated that Eternals was successful at bringing something new out of the Marvel franchise while most other productions ran in circles around the same basic trope. While the isolation of the plot from the usual Marvel films can be demotivating for many, others that have been waiting for a breath of fresh air from the superhero universe are definitely in for an adventurous ride. 

Taking on a similar thought, Indiwire wrote: "Eternals was uniquely poised to push the MCU in new directions, and Feige's decision to entrust it to such a fiercely individualistic filmmaker would seem to suggest a willingness to make good on that potential. The story may cut to the core of series mythology, but aside from the Emergence it's almost completely divorced from the rest of the saga. That's also true enough of the movie's style and tone, at least in the context of a franchise that previously just rotated between different flavors of the same basic dish."

The Hollywood Reporter recognized the film for its individuality:

The Hollywood Reporter claims that film to 'interesting' and 'original;' Credits: Variety

The film's unconventional plotline managed to catch the eye of The Hollywood Reporter. Their review read: "From the early image of Sersi emerging from a London Underground station at Piccadilly Circus to the dreamy strains of Pink Floyd's 'Time', the soulfulness, the contemplative weight of Zhao's vision at least puts this among the more interesting, and original entries in the ever-expanding canon."

Have a great time as you ultimately choose to watch Eternals!