How did Lydia Meredith react to her hourglass reverse on Survivor 42?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 15 Apr 2022 18:50:58 GMT
Lydia Meredith had to suffer from the reverse hourglass on Survivor 42; Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Lydia Meredith received an utter shock this season of the Survivor series in her last game from the show when her car crashed and burned. The spectacular fail put her in the hot seat against Jonathan Young, who ended up winning the odds against her as his friend Omar Zaheer voted to keep him in the game. 

While Omar could be expected to come to the rescue of his friend, the real shocker of the episode was when Hai Giang turned against Lydia. Proposed to be the strongest ally of the latter, Giang was supposed to stick up for her friend.

And so did Mike Turner. But he too turned his back on Lydia after she crashed despite previously professing that he would take a bullet for her. The shocking betrayal of her friends, along with her losing her hold of her game was enough to send Lydia packing back home. 

Though Lydia was a solid player through the entirety of the game, it was confusing to see her take a spot against big Jonathan, when he had better chances of winning. Her strength had already seeped from the hourglass twist earlier in the series and it seems like a big mistake for Lydia to have departed from the series the way she did. 

The waitress opened up about how she ended up being cast as a teammate on Survivor this season. She revealed that she was ending a random party one day when she came across Jeff Probst. She was surprised to see him at such a random setup and couldn't imagine what he was doing there. 

Yet she gathered up the courage to go meet him and greet him. She revealed that she gave him a hug and pitched herself as a player on the show right away. She admitted that it was all very spontaneous but she did manage to land a spot on the series. 

While it was a great experience for her where the bigger picture is concerned, it was shocking to see Hai go against her considering he had said that he would go to the rocks for Lydia. Similarly, Mike and Lydia had been working closer and they were expected to stick to each other. 

Explaining what really had happened that day, Lydia revealed that while she and Mike did collaborate together for receiving the Daniel vote, they were really not very close. They could be considered tightly bonded for the sake of their performance and for building their strategies but were really not close in the sense of friends. 

However, she did think that she made up as a good asset for Hai. Hence that was surprising for her when he chose to let her go instead of fighting for her to stay. Lydia revealed that she was counting on her usefulness to Hai to stay in the game. 

Yet, she also stated that she was not performing the best and her gameplay was passive at best in the season. So when she was faced with Daniel, things took a different turn. The players had to come and follow different strategies. 

Then there is also the matter of Jenny not staying on the show while Hai decided to walk away from the game after two Tribals. Though it doesn't make perfect sense, Hai had his own game to play and things did not turn out for the better for Lydia. 

No one had thought things could take this turn until they twisted the hourglass. Things hence played to be a little ill-fated for the waitress. 

While Lydia thinks her game was passive in the season, she was far from it during her final episode on the show. Soon, she decided that she wanted to play against Jonathan, one of the top players in the series this season, someone who could not be taken out of the game easily. 

She decided that she wouldn't wait for later to turn against Jonathan and instead take him out while she thought she could. 

Sharing who first decided to call out Jonathan, Lydia revealed that it was not her. During her last two days on the series, almost everyone was calling out everyone else's name. So she heard someone go after Jonathan and while she did not think of him initially, hearing his name made her think of doing it. 

Tori and Chanelle also suffered a great deal during this season of the series. There is a big chance that Tori would be outed if she does not win the immunity round. Hence, there is a big chance that she will be voted out. 

Apart from all the other backstabbing, Lydia also had to face the hourglass twist this season. The fate had befallen Sydney and Danny last season, who was also not very happy with being confronted by the twist. 

Lydia admitted that she was confused when she was faced with the twist which made her think that the receiver of Exile had achieved immunity. Only later did she learn that it was not the case and hence whoever had to suffer from the fate will have to work harder to stay on the season. 

The waitress had already performed great at the puzzles along with Maryanne and she had thought that she would be safe now. She heard the rumors that they were going to change and reverse the decision again but Lydia was under the impression that she had won the immunity and wouldn't need to prove herself again. 

Yet, it was a difficult decision to bear when she heard that hourglass had been flipped and that her immunity had been taken away. Needless to say, she was disappointed. 

She wishes that she was still immune and hence her fate in the series could have been different instead of being voted out. There are so many things still unclear as to who Rocksroy teamed up with and how the other allies fared across the season. 

She also revealed that she sent Rocksroy to Exile instead of Lindsay because Tori shared that Linsdar is mostly hungry and she would need to eat. Hence, Rocksroy felt like the better choice to send to Exile. 

While Lydia herself had to suffer in Exile, she revealed that being alone on the beach made her feel great as she felt closer than ever to the stars. She shared it was like the stars were hugging her and were there for her when she needed them.