Tyler Norris on passing on the opportunity to be 'The Bachelor' for 'Bachelor in Paradise'
by Ana Walia | Wed, 19 Oct 2022 20:46:14 GMT
Tyler Norris and Rachel Recchia. Image Source: People

Tyler Norris passed on the opportunity to be The Bachelor for Season 27. 

Ahead of Tyler Norris’ debut on Bachelor in Paradise, he spoke to Entertainment Tonight where he explained that he was approached to be the next Bachelor for season 27, but he passed on the opportunity. Zach Shallcross was later announced as the lead of The Bachelor, season 27. 

Tyler Norris shared that he is glad that Zach Shallcross was the one who landed the season 27 lead and sounded shocked when he heard that there were going to be 32 women on the show competing for him. Tyler said dealing with trying to make one relationship work is a task, and having 32 women is going to be a very hard job.

The former Bachelorette contestant said that that was his mindset. If ever given that opportunity, he was just like, "How was he even supposed to do this?" and added that he knows that he is bad with breaking up with people, so he cannot imagine what it would be like to do that 31 times.

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Tyler Norris admitted that Zach Shallcross seems like a perfect pick for the upcoming season and is very sure that he is going to handle things perfectly. Zach Shallcross is also optimistic and excited about finding his true love, and he previously told ET what he is looking for in a future wife.

Zach said that the most important thing for him is that the person should be his best friend, and finding that forever person is what he is going to look forward to. He added that he can see it happening, he has experienced that, lived that, and knows that it’s real. Zach, who is a tech executive, shared on the After the Final Rose episode that it was good to see Rachel Recchia and made sure that everything ended well and he got that closure. He shared with the publication that since he was finalized as The Bachelor, he had not spoken to Rachel but assured them that there was no bad blood.

Rachel also mentioned that she is excited for him and added that he is a great guy for the lead. Rachel also stated that there is a lot of pressure, but she is confident that Zach will step up and do his best.

Tyler Norris and Zach Shallcross competed for Rachel Recchia’s heart as they appeared on The Bachelorette, and now Tyler is all set for his new adventure on Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. He said during the interview that he was not right away, saying that he instantly chose to go, but he had to think about it, explaining that dealing with the past breakup and everything makes one wonder about the fact that she is trying to find her happiness, so the other person needs to find their own, and once Tyler thought about that, he decided to go.

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Tyler was quick to make connections with two women but decided to stay coy about the situation, but said that he was on The Bachelorette and got dumped in his hometown but still had a positive experience. On Bachelor in Paradise, Tyler said that he had a positive experience as well, no matter how it ends. On asking why the fans should watch the show, Tyler said it’s paradise, so there are always plot twists and something is always going on.

He finally added that one can never know what is going to happen in the next minute, mentioning that great relationships develop, people, fall in love and break up, so fans are going to see a lot of stuff unfold quickly. He did talk about his connection with Brittany and said it was really good as they ended up talking for hours and he felt really good. But the next day Shaner asked Tyler out for a date which he said he was hesitant to accept after he hit off well with Brittany but he said that he needed to keep his mind open.

Tyler later mentioned that he eventually did have a lot of fun on a date with Shanae and explained that he wanted to make her feel comfortable and wanted her to know that he appreciates that she asked him out. But he wanted to see Brittany and explained that the dates are pretty much opportunities for people to understand what they want or if their connection is real or not. Tyler revealed that his heart was with Brittany and so that is why he did not go to the Boom Boom Room with Shanae. Tyler Norris kept mum about his relationship status.

Season 27 of The Bachelor will premiere on Monday, Jan. 23. Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.