What is the truth behind Todd Chrisley and Mark Braddock's relationship? Find out what Todd Chrisley said.
by Ana Walia | Wed, 04 Jan 2023 19:04:49 GMT
Todd Chrisley is ready to share his story. Image Source: Just Jared 

Todd Chrisley is not holding himself back anymore. 

Todd Chrisley revealed in the most recent episode of his podcast, Chrisley Confessions, that he would participate in one discussion with his son Chase Chrisley once he reports to prison and it would answer all the tough questions.

Todd Chrisley expressed his support for his son, saying that he knows he will be capable of handling the work and that he is going to look forward to the interview, not just because it will be a softball interview when Chase stopped him and asked if he is allowed to ask him all the difficult questions, to which Todd replied with a yes and added that he can ask him anything.

The reality TV star informed the audience that the interview will be set up as a Q+A in which they will choose fans' questions, with Chase Chrisley mentioning that nothing is off limits and it will be a no holds barred interview. Chase chimed in and said that the questions could get uncomfortable, but Todd was firm in stating that it’s not uncomfortable for them because they know the truth.

Todd continued to say that other people who want to interview him might say that he knows this is probably an uncomfortable question, but he would just like to say that no, they're good with the truth and the truth is not uncomfortable for them. 

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In addition, the reality TV star addressed a scandal involving allegations of an intimate relationship made by a former business partner, Mark Braddock. Todd is only bothered by the rumors that he is gay because he despises Mark Braddock.

Todd Chrisley expressed his disappointment that, after 54 years, he would finally be suspected of being with a man by someone who resembled Mark Braddock, who described him as a toad. He went on to say that he looks like a thumb and that he's had only sex with both his wife and him. He continued by stating that he could understand if he said he had sex with him; it would drive him insane. Todd said that many people have been dick-noticed by him before dismissing Braddock's remarks as wishful thinking and added that to say that he couldn't pull something better than that because there's better to be had by Todd Chrisley than that. 

Todd and Chase Chrisley during the podcast claimed that Mark Braddock's story has changed several times since the first time he made an allegation last year, and Todd claimed that the most annoying part of the allegation was Braddock saying that it was simply something he desired to try, trying to add that he ain't that small spoon at Baskin-Robbins but he was the whole scoop. Todd Chrisley concluded his remarks about allegations of a gay affair by simply stating that he couldn't do better than that — that Todd Chrisley can do better.

Mark Braddock claimed during the November trial that their alleged affair lasted about a year. After it ended, Mark Braddock said the two men maintained a friendship that he compared to a brotherhood until 2012.

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Mark Braddock also during the trial, he gave testimony that he was starting to work for Todd's foreclosure management firm, Chrisley Asset Management, at the time, and that those who began to receive anonymous texts going to threaten to reveal them for fraud and their alleged dalliance. He claimed that after that, he decided to withdraw four $9,500 payments from his checking account, totaling $38,000, and gave it to Todd to pay off the scammer.

In June 2022, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley were convicted of fraud and tax evasion and in November, both were sentenced to 16 years of probation, though Todd received 12 years in prison and Julie received seven years. The couple, who married in 1996, is scheduled to report to prison in Florida on January 17. They are, however, in the process of appealing their case.

Lindsie Chrisley's attorney, Musa Ghanayem, explained what could occur to Todd and Julie through their appeal system. She stated that if a second trial was ordered, they would be required to repeat the full procedure, and if they made an error, it might be sent back down to be corrected. In most cases, the appeals court panel will make a decision, issue a decision and then send it back off to start enforcing that ruling, according to the attorney.