What kind of advice does Colton Underwood have for Clayton Echard?
by Ana Walia | Thu, 17 Mar 2022 19:56:12 GMT
Colton Underwood has some advice for Clayton Echard. Image Source: Newsweek 

Former bachelor Colton Underwood has some advice for Clayton Echard!

Colton Underwood, who was The Bachelor lead in 2019, shared his experience with people on CBS’s Beyond the Edge and had some great advice to give to Clayton Echard, who was the lead on The Bachelor season twenty-six.

Colton shared that first he’d like to tell Clayton Echard to have a good therapist to whom he can go and vent his heart out, but he added that being the lead on an ABC show, especially The Bachelor franchise, makes it a little difficult to trust people. Colton Underwood added that your words can be twisted and made into a headline and can be taken out of context too.

The former bachelor mentioned that he has not yet watched the new season, but he does get his updates from social media and reminded Clayton Echard that no matter how much you want to stay away, you can't, especially when you were in the lead at some point. Colton Underwood’s conversation with CBS’s Beyond the Edge was published after the finale episode of The Bachelor was out and Clayton Echard decided to pursue his relationship with Susie Evans.

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Colton Underwood added that he has learned a lot during his time on the show, and one of the biggest takeaways from the show was being able to have easy and direct conversations with people. He mentioned that being on the show he has realized that in life, asking hard-hitting questions and expecting hard-hitting answers is necessary while being intimate and personal about it. He has mentioned in his various interviews that he has made a lot of mistakes in the past but is now learning and growing from them each day.

Colton shared that with his experience and situations, he is learning to discover himself every day and that is what makes his life beautiful. He appreciates both The Bachelor and Coming Out Colton because they have helped him to embrace himself and provided him the space to believe in himself when he needed it the most.

On Monday's Watch What Happens Life, the former Bachelor revealed that his time on The Bachelor was partly an effort on his part to make him straight. He shared that he just wanted to keep his sexual identity private and was scared that he’d get caught or someone would discover his true self if they went through his "explore" page on social media.

Colton Underwood finally added that none of those things worked and he decided to embrace himself as he is, and he loves being gay now. The Bachelor alum decided to come out of the closet on Good Morning America in April 2021 and had his journey documented in a six-episode series for Netflix titled, "Coming Out Colton".

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The Bachelor announced his engagement to Jordan C. Brown and they are planning a big wedding with no plans to get or sign a prenup. He explained that the two of them have had this conversation before and that both of them are in it for the long haul and do not want to put the prenup vibe into it. He also clarified that he is not focused on filming more episodes of "Coming Out, Colton" anymore.

Colton Underwood added that being with Jordan C. Brown right now made him realize that having a show is not a healthy thing for them as they are not looking to explore that for their relationship or work venture. He has previously mentioned that for him, having a public relationship is not healthy.