Did Regé-Jean Page's decision to leave Bridgerton have any impact on the second season? See what Shonda Rhimes has to say.
by Ana Walia | Tue, 25 Oct 2022 20:26:16 GMT
Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor. Image Source: Luxury London 

Shonda Rhimes talks about Regé-Jean Page’s decision to leave Bridgerton and about Inside Bridgeton. 

Co-creators of Netflix’s successful and popular show Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, talk about their recently released book ‘Inside Bridgerton’.

Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers recently spoke to People magazine about their book ‘Inside Bridgerton and were asked about the most anticipated question, which was how Regé-Jean Page’s departure from the show after season one affected their show.

The co-creators said that Regé-Jean Page’s departure after season one did not affect or change their plans for season two at all, and they proceeded with the season exactly the way they had planned to. Shonda Rhimes explained that each season of the show is a confined romantic story about two characters, and when their season is over, their story is over.

Regé-Jean Page played the character of Simon Basset in the show, opposite actress Phoebe Dynevor, who portrayed Daphne Bridgerton, and the audience loved their chemistry on-screen. The duo’s story ended with the birth of their first child at the end of season one, and although Daphne and their son did appear in season two in limited appearances, Simon’s absence was explained by important work events. Regé-Jean Page went ahead to win the 2021 NAACP Image Award for his role in the series and has expressed that he will always be grateful for the character.

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After season one, Regé-Jean Page took to his social media to announce his departure from the show, by posting a picture of himself on horseback as the Duke and writing, it's been a journey of a life - time and an absolute delight and privilege to be the Duke

Regé went on to say that joining the family not only on-screen but also off-screen has been a privilege and that it has been beyond anything he could have imagined thanks to the extremely creative and generous cast, crew, and outstanding fans. Finally, the actor stated that the love is genuine and will only grow stronger.

Betsy Beers echoed the same feelings as Shonda Rhimes, stating that season one’s ending was nearly perfect and the characters should be allowed to live their happy endings rather than being dragged into every other Bridgerton sibling’s story.

Shonda Rhimes in an interview said that she and Betsy kept talking about how amazing the people who put the show together, all of the people working on the cast and crew, all of the people behind the scenes were and thought how could they highlight all of the amazing work and show the audience about how a show like Bridgerton is made. She added especially after the show was so well received, thus, Inside Bridgerton was thus born. Inside Bridgerton which is now available is a behind-the-scenes book, which includes never-before-seen set photos and exclusive, first-hand accounts from the cast and crew about the making of the hit show. The book is the perfect holiday gift for any Bridgerton fan.

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During an interview with Town and Country Magazine, the co-creators were asked if there was something that they found interesting while creating the book, to which Shonda Rhimes said that she was surprised to know that Sabrina Bartlett, who plays Siena RossoIn the first season,  had five months of preparation before performing her opera scene in all the different languages. She stated that they are aware that actors prepare, as do all others, but she had never considered that someone might need to do so.

Betsy Beers shared a story about how senior creative production advisor Tom Verica requested that the grip department create a device for Golda Rosheuvel, who plays the incredible Queen Charlotte, for using between takes to ease the pain and the weight of the heavy wigs on her head. They created a complete system to assist her, which she admires for their genius and creativity.

They also discussed the upcoming season, claiming that it will be as exciting, inviting, and enjoyable as seasons 1 and 2. That is already common knowledge. It's going to be fantastic because she is already enjoying watching things. Shonda Rhimes said of the 'Kanthony' spinoff, that they don't know what story would be told as the beauty of this show is that they get to tell a full love story from start to finish with a happy ending every season. Shonda said that they don't need to invent reasons why a couple can't be together; they just let them enjoy their genuine happy moment. So there are no spinoffs because they would have to find a reason to split a couple up and that feels very artificial. Betsy added that the audience should just watch a couple be happy.

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On asking what was the best part of working on the book, Shonda Rhimes stated that the trip memory lane was fantastic for them, and they got to have these wonderful conversations about everything. But the best part for her was listening to these different people, all those other creators, about their art and what they were pondering.

She also mentioned that she learned new things, which she thought was fantastic. Betsy added that they had the impression that, well, they should indeed know because they worked on this show, and the best thing about this book, according to her, is that she probably learned as much about some details and worlds as the reader will. It was like exploring it for the very first time, which was enjoyable.

The two seasons of Bridgerton are streaming on Netflix.