While on tour, Dixie D'Amelio intends to work harder on her long-distance relationship with Noah Beck
by Ana Walia | Fri, 04 Mar 2022 20:51:24 GMT
Dixie D’Amelio and boyfriend Noah Beck. Image Source: People

Dixie D’Amelio and boyfriend Noah Beck are taking a step back from the limelight.

Dixie D’Amelio, who has released her songs including "Be Happy," "One Whole Day," and "Psycho" since 2020, decided to take her music career to the next level and was recently announced as a support act for Big Time Rush’s nationwide tour. The TikTok star feels that touring with the boy band will be an experience of a lifetime, along with stating that it would be like going on tour with brothers.

With Dixie being gone from March to August, the TikTok star shared with E! News that she is definitely going to work harder to make her relationship with Noah Beck work while on tour. Dixie stated that it is something that is not new to them as they both understand each other’s career and priorities right now, so they have decided to try a little harder and make it work. The two are positive about making the long distance relationship work. 

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Dixie also mentioned that she’d love to see some familiar faces in the crowd, referring to her family and friends, as she explained that it’s calming to see familiar faces in the crowd while you perform on-stage.

The couple has been together for almost two years, and they sparked romance rumors when they kissed in Dixie’s "Be Happy" music video and later went public with their relationship. Recently, Noah also shared with E! News that the duo likes to keep things low-key and away from the eyes of the public. He said while appearing at New York Fashion Week that the duo have been telling a lot of people that they want to keep things lowkey and private and it has been good for them. Noah added that since they tried keeping things private, they just enjoy their time together for real and not for the camera. He lastly added that deciding on going offline is something the two of them are doing for each other and that is what matters to them. 

Sometimes it is really good for a relationship to be as private as possible because then the individuals involved in the relationship are able to experience the real emotions of being with someone rather than the paparazzi holding up cameras in front of their faces. Noah and Dixie hold themselves back from posting about each other on social media and prefer to keep things to themselves and maybe some of their close friends.

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Talking about the TikTok star who is gearing up for the tour, recently caught up with People Magazine and shared that she is prioritizing her mental health, especially when she is going on a tour, which takes a toll on an artist’s mental health. The reality TV star said that as she was growing up, keeping a check of her mental health was not her priority but she eventually figured out that she should as keeping it in check is going to make her life easier and smooth. 

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Dixie D’Amelio’s family recently collaborated with fitness app FitOn, and she added that even though she would love to work out every day and be healthy and in the best shape of her life, she does not always have the time. She tries to keep her mental health in check and feels better that way, and with some changes here and there, Dixie has noticed massive changes in her life, especially with the person she is today.

Dixie added, "My days are a little different from everyone else in the family because I have my normal work schedule, but then I have to go to the studio afterward. We're filming all day, and then I go to the studio at 8 p.m. and could be there until three in the morning. So I really try to find time during my breaks. I need to breathe, and breathing has really helped me a lot with everything I've done. For a long time, I thought it was kind of silly and a waste of time, but now it's a huge part of my life. "