Why didn't Simon Pegg like being approached for his Star Trek Scotty character?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 09 Mar 2022 18:49:42 GMT
Simon Pegg was not impressed by Star Trek casting process; Credits: Cinemablend

Getting cast in a big franchise film is the dream of many actors. But while people wish to be cast in big studio projects, what also matters is the manner of casting and if the role is actually as per the taste of the actor. 

One such role casting was when Simon Pegg was cast as Scotty in Star Trek. Though fans can not think of any other actor who could have played the character better, Pegg himself was not very pleased with his casting. If anything, he was irked and annoyed over the casting process. 

Back in 2009, Shooting a new Star Trek movie was undertaken by J.J. Abrams under his creative wings. He went on to expand the reach of sci-fi films and the world of science fiction as already explored by other films before Star Trek. 

During his directing of a new Star Trek film, the filmmaker sought to reimagine Star Trek and the collective risks that came with such a film. The film The Original Series, hence, went on to cast a full star-studded actor ensemble creating the recipe of a film that would rule the Box office. 

Star Trek already has a gigantic fanbase that is very adamant about staying true to the original Star Trek legacy. Therefore creating a spinoff was a dangerous task for the filmmaker, yet he managed to command it with remarkable ease and featured a lot of original source material. 

In the era in which Adams narrated the Star Trek franchise's future, the timespan came to be known as the Kelvin timeline. The era can be particularly remembered for the one monumental scene where James T. Kirk's father was killed by the Romulans using time travel on the day he was born. 

The film employed the genuine Star Trek authenticity but also combined it with far more developed effects using a bigger budget and riskier action sequences. Hence, the Kelvin timeline gave rise to a franchise of Star Trek films that continue to hold popularity until today. 

The storyline of these films explored beyond the principle Star Trek narrative. Thus, the films broke down the rules of the franchise as laid down earlier and brought in a breath of fresh air for the imaginative universe. 

One way in which Abrams made sure that justice was served to the film series, he made sure that the core characters of the universe were portrayed using admirable talent. Hence, he came to cast Simon Pegg as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. 

Though Pegg was a hardcore Star Trek fan, his casting did not come to him as a piece of news that he enjoyed. He did play the role of the Enterprise's engineering officer but was not happy with his very informal casting. 

The actor recently had a talk with Vanity Fair, where he shared how he was cast as Scotty in the franchise. The actor shared that he received an offer for the role through an email while he just landed down after a seven-hour long flight. 

He shared that the very casual offering of the role "annoyed" him. He was not pleased with the way he was sought out for the role, saying that no one should throw a ball into his court and then expect him to "smash back" and play along. He explained that at the time he needed a few moments to consider and think about it. 

Regardless, being a Star Trek fan, he could not turn down the role. So he latched onto the big opportunity. But he shared that all he wanted was that the role be offered to him over something more nice like a "dinner."

The whole narrative only shows how much the Star Trek franchise means to its hardcore fans. Hence, it shows that Pegg was seriously the best choice for the role as he took being cast for the part as a serious matter. 

Pegg wanted to be approached and wooed for the part as an actor of good standing. On the other hand, Abrams knew that Pegg really loved Star Trek, so he would not possibly turn down the offer. In the end, things did turn out for the better and the actor said yes to the role, a character that is almost too similar to him at his core. 

Scotty by Pegg is now a character from the series that enjoys considerable fame and recognition. As part of the spinoff Star Trek series, the actor has helped make the new franchise the great work of cinema that it is. 

Star Trek spinoff cast is looking forward to be cast in Star Trek 4; Credits: Trek Movie

Simon Pegg and his castmates from the spinoff franchise stand a chance to continue their relationship with the Star Trek series as it evolves into television productions along with time. The cast of the film can now be seen on Star Trek 4 as there are talks of reprising the reboot franchise.