Why does Clayton Echard feel that his The Bachelor's experience is not what he expected?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 02 Feb 2022 22:07:10 GMT
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Clayton Echard is taking a stand on the drama that is going on between Elizabeth Corrigan and Shanae Ankney.

The Bachelor’s Monday episode started with Clayton Echard trying to sort out the feud between two contestants Elizabeth Corrigan and Shanae Ankney, which the audience has been witnessing since the show, started. Shanae Ankney alleged that Elizabeth Corrigan is a 'bully'. Clayton Echard took it upon himself to address the situation by sitting both of them down and talking to them

Clayton said, “I’ve heard both of your stories this week and I do feel a connection with both of you. The frustrating part is I can’t build a relationship with either of you when we are having this conflict. So I need to have all of us here so we can have accountability. I need to hear this all the way through.” The issues between the two did not resolve and it ended up with Clayton sending Elizabeth home.

But on Tuesday, the Bachelor maybe went back to sleep on Monday night and gave his decision another thought and apologized to Elizabeth Corrigan first thing as he posted on his social media, "I'm sorry, Elizabeth, for what you're going through. I wish I could have seen what was happening when I wasn't there. I obviously knew y'all weren't in a good place with each other, but I thought at the time that it was, solely, petty drama."

Talking about the feud between the two, Shanae had accused Elizabeth of being a bully, ignoring her in the house, stating that Elizabeth was turning all the girls in the house against her and even calling her ‘toxic’. Elizabeth shared with Clayton that she had tried to patch things up with Shanae but the latter asked her to ‘fuck off'.

On Monday’s episode when Elizabeth asked Shanae about how was she a ‘bully’, Shanae replied that when she made shrimps, everyone ignored her in the house which was because of her but Elizabeth clarified that she was not even there when she made shrimps. After a few minutes, Clayton said, “I don’t know how to address this situation right now. We’re not talking about relationships or growing together. We’re talking about shrimp and the hot tub and whether or not Elizabeth was there. We’re not resolving conflict. We’re talking about shrimp.”

Other women in the house called out Shanae for taking the feud to Clayton and after listening to all the drama and argument in the house, Clayton not only decided to cancel the cocktail party but also sent Elizabeth home. After which Shanae said, “I took her down. Clayton believed ME! It better be a wake-up call to them. Don’t get in my way because I’m here to win. This is what happens — you get sent home. Don’t f*** with me.”

But on Tuesday it was shared that the real issue was Shanae’s response to Elizabeth sharing that she has ADHD and it was reported that Shanae repeatedly minimized the impact the condition has on Elizabeth's health and Clayton was not there to witness all of this. He added to his apology, "I would have sent Shanae home immediately for making fun of you for being neurodivergent, had I known."

Clayton Echard also shared he did not expect his experience on The Bachelor to be like this; referring to witnessing the drama unfolding on live television. He mentioned that a lot of times, the contestants or the girls don’t seem to get along very well and he has to step in as a peacemaker which is not how he expected his Bachelor’s journey. He explained, "Overall, the experience for me watching hasn't been fun, simply because I'm seeing all the damage that I caused. I really meant well, but my actions weren't the best as I now can see the repercussions from my decisions." Clayton lastly added, “I can promise you I'm learning through the mistake though and am doing everything in my power to come out the other side a better man."

Elizabeth has not yet acknowledged Clayton Echard’s public apology but according to reports, they seem on good terms. Following the episode, Clayton tweeted, "I'm looking forward to having an open and honest discussion at the WTA with what all happened. It's important to hold people accountable, including myself.” Elizabeth replied, “I’m ready.”

Elizabeth post her elimination wrote, "I began this season with a simple photo of my great grandparents and one question in my heart. What serendipity had brought me to meet this man? I now have my answer. Though I did not find love with @claytonechard and am left still searching for my final rose I did find love in all of you, especially in the neuro-divergent community who has surrounded me in a blanket of their love and support. The sleepless nights spent staring at the ceiling in the mansion, the tormenting, the attacks, the bullying, the gaslighting, the physical abuse, the not being believed … have all been worth it. Because you know what? Your stories have brought me to tears and changed my life, your vulnerability and finally … allowing me to be seen. Thank you. Thank you for seeing me. Being different doesn't make you lesser, it makes you strong because you have to overcome. The biggest advice I can give to you as a woman and as a friend is to believe in yourself, believe in your intuition — it is strong, it is powerful and it KNOWS."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.