Why was Kim Kardashian taken aback by the backlash in response to her remarks about her work ethic? Find out here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 14 Oct 2022 19:17:19 GMT
Kim Kardashian addressed the work ethic comments she made during her Variety interview. Image Source: Entrepreneur 

Kim Kardashian addressed the work ethic comments she made during her Variety interview.

The beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian, seemed to have addressed the comments she made about worth ethics during her interview with Variety in the new episode of season two of The Kardashians streaming on Hulu. 

During the Variety interview, Kim Kardashian was asked what advice she would give to women who want to go into business, and she responded by saying that the best advice she has for women in business is to get their fucking asses up and get to work, adding that it seems like nobody wants to work these days.

Kim Kardashian faced criticism for her blanket statement about her work ethic as soon as the comments were made public, and she was attacked on social media from all sides. In the episode, she describes that when she made the statement, she did not mean it as a blanket statement about all women, as if she did not believe all women work hard and deserve to be respected for their efforts.

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Kim stated that she sees it every day and that the most influential people in her life and career who have helped her get to where she is today are all women. So she was upset that it was misconstrued, and she is deeply sorry. Kim Kardashian asked her mother, Kris Jenner,, whether she should address the issue or not, and to make it clearer what she meant when she made the statement, to which Kris replied that she should think about it.

Kim conveyed her displeasure to her sister Khloe Kardashian, asking if the controversies and backlash they face never seems to end. Will it ever end? To which Khloe replied that it won't end until she adds that she doesn't even want to say it but said it won't end until they end it. Khloe, on the other hand, made aware her sister that they were built for this. Kim then made an unexpected statement, stating that she no longer knows who she is.

Later in the episode, Kim and Khloe had lunch with Kendall Jenner, during which they discussed the situation further. Kim stated that she stated what she stated regarding people working. Does she think so? Yes. She stated that she believes that one must work hard to achieve this and that she was taken aback by how angry people became. She wants to be responsible and understand why people feel the way they do because enough people have been triggered.  She understands that many people did not have the same opportunities as them, but she also explained that her family did not have it easy.

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Now, Caitlyn Jenner, then-Bruce Jenner, and Kris Jenner had to sell their Hidden Hills home because they couldn't afford it, forcing them to move to an apartment, according to Kim Kardashian. She also mentioned that their mother began working and earning money at the age of 50! Growing up, Kim said she saw Kris Jenner hustle and get up every day with all these kids she had to care for, and she saw her work her ass out and figure it out.

Kim stated in confessional that she believes people believe she has everything handed to her because she is on a TV show, but being featured on a reality show, especially as a reality show girl with a sex tape, doesn't open doors. Kim stated that she has always felt the need to work extra hard or harder to be treated with respect and to forget her past. People would have crucified her regardless of her response, Khloe added.

Khloe further explained that what do people know that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth?, adding that it's annoying when people don't know who they're talking about and want to personalize everything they say. Khloe said they have no empathy or compassion for others, so the message is correct, but incorrect messenger. Kendall also stated that she was "exhausted" by the false narratives that were being spread, including those from Kim's ex, Kanye West. Kanye was making public claims at the time that Kim wouldn't let him see the kids, which he still maintains today. Kim said she was like she had asked him to stop with this narrative because he was with the kids that morning but she doesn't want to argue about it on the internet.

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Kim Kardashian had previously addressed the work ethic comments controversy when she appeared on Good Morning America in March and affirmed that the statement was taken out of context in that soundbite, she came off the notion, and the question before that was how she felt about being famous for being famous, which had punctured her at the time. She went on to say that the advice she will indeed give is exactly that. Being on a reality show and having a presence on social media does not guarantee instant success.

Even if it appears easy and it is possible to build a successful business off of social media, one must work hard to get there. If individuals put in a lot of effort, individuals can. Kim went on to say that her comment wasn't aimed at all women, describing that it wasn't meant to imply that she doesn't respect women's work or that they don't work hard. She is aware that they do. It was interpreted out of context, but she apologized and expressed regret that it was received that way.

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