How is G-Eazy paying tribute to his late mother?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 16 Apr 2022 20:32:38 GMT
G-Eazy is remembering his mother! Image Source: People 

G-Eazy is remembering his mother!

G-Eazy’s mother, Suzanne Olmsted, passed away in November 2021, and the rapper is remembering her on her birthday in the best way he can. G-Eazy released a song titled "Angel" in memory of his late mother on Friday, stating that when words fail to express how he feels, he turns to music.

Gerald Earl Gillum (stage name G-Eazy) shared that the song "Angel" is about trying to connect to somebody who you’ve lost in the physical realm. He explained that while he was recording the song, he could feel his mother’s presence around him, especially while dancing to the chorus of the song. G-Eazy explained that his mother loved to come to his shows, smoke a joint, and dance to his music while he performed on stage.

In the caption, G-Eazy wrote that Angel is not just a tribute or a song that he has put out for people because her mother was everyone’s mother, everyone’s teacher, and everyone’s inspiration. He explained that nothing made her happier than loving people and sharing her creativity with the world. The song, 'Angel' is produced by G-Eazy and Zac Brunson which features a choir that is led by Tim Davis, and Goody Grace. 

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It’s no news that G-Eazy was very close to his mother and she was very proud of her son. It was reported that in September, when the rapper performed at BottleRock in Napa Valley, he FaceTimed his mother to show her the crowd he was performing for and asked the crowd to say hi to her. For G-Eazy, losing his mother was like losing his best friend, and he described that it was the single thing in his life that he was afraid of because his mother meant everything to him and, for the longest time, her passing away did not feel real to him.

The rapper explained that although he has "avoided" the grieving process, not completely, bits of it, working on and recording "Angel" meant going back into the same space and accepting that she is not here with him, which led to him facing the grieving process head-on. G-Eazy has grown closer to his brother and usually leans on some of his closest friends, but still finds the process of grieving lonely as he explains that it’s your hurt and it’s an experience that one has to face alone and heal from it.

G-Eazy continued to explain that other people are allowed to live their lives the way they want, and eventually when you’re in mourning, there will be a disconnect. He mentioned that although his support circle is very supportive of him, he does not like to bother people with what he is going through or how he is feeling right now. Suzanne Olmsted’s favorite song by G-Eazy was the one that he dropped on MySpace when he was a teenager, and the rapper shared that his mother always saw and imagined where he would go with his music before he could realize it and described her as a weirdo who taught him a valuable lesson about embracing uniqueness and individuality.

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G-Eazy graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans in 2011 with a B.A. in Music Industry, fulfilling a promise he made to his mother and grandmother and citing it as one of the reasons he persevered and graduated. The rapper is working towards starting a scholarship program in Suzanne Olmsted’s honor, called "The Dandelion Scholarship," which will reward $15,000 to one U.S. arts major annually, and the applications will open in the summer, and the recipient will be announced on April 15th every year. For G-Eazy this scholarship meant something because he wanted his mother's light to continue and to live through countless others. 

Following Suzanne Olmsted's death, G-Eazy took to social media to share a few of her photos as well as a voice note in which she expresses her admiration for him. In the caption, the rapper shared that it was her who helped him seek treatment for his substance abuse.