Why was Kris Jenner traumatized?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 23 Apr 2022 19:34:31 GMT
Kris Jenner returned to the stand on Friday. Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet 

Kris Jenner returned to the stand on Friday at the Los Angeles courthouse where she testified about an incident where Blac Chyna pulled a gun on Rob Kardashian.

Kris Jenner mentioned that she was traumatized by the fact that Blac Chyna had pulled a gun on Rob Kardashian and when Lynne Ciani asked her why she did not call Blac Chyna after she had a conversation with the Kardashians about the former couple’s fight on December 14th, 2016, she replied that she, along with their entire family, was shaken over Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery situation, which happened a few weeks prior.

Kris added that Blac tried to put a gun on Rob Kardashian’s head and her daughter Kim Kardashian was put in a tub and robbed at gunpoint in Paris which was literally too much to take in for the family. She explained that she was traumatized by this and added that her daughter was almost killed by the robbers that night. Kris also added that Blac Chyna said that she pulled the gun on Rob Kardashian’s head as a joke, but it was not a joke to her. The momager explained to the jury and the court that she is a mother and it’s her responsibility to take care of everyone, and said that we did not put Blac Chyna on the show, but they put her in a home so that they could take her away. Kris questioned why they would do that.

Kris Jenner shared that she was traumatized when she heard that Blac Chyna had pointed a gun at Rob Kardashian in December 2016. Image Source: Celebrity Insider 

The Kardashian star said that she was hopeful that this was going to be okay, so that is why she did not call Blac Chyna. Kris also claimed that the former couple was under the influence during their fight and said that it was an ongoing theme of their relationship, drinking, and drugs. Kris Jenner was asked about a text that she sent to the showrunner of Rob and Chyna that read, "Blac had beat the shit out of Rob’s face." Kris clarified that she used "beat the shit out" as a figure of speech and sent the text when she was upset about the fight.

Kris further clarified that by using the phrase "beat the shit out of his face," she meant something like when someone gets slapped at an award show, so you’d say that they beat the shit out of you. That sort of figure of speech was what she used. She mentioned that she had not seen Rob Kardashian till that point. The lawyer further mentioned another text that Kris sent to the showrunner, which read, "we need to ditch this bitch," and she explained that it was not her proudest moment, but she sent the text when she was very angry, very upset and highly disappointed with how things were turning up and added that it was how she felt at the time.

Lynne Ciani cross-examined Kris Jenner about a text that allegedly Rob Kardashian wrote to her asking her not to cancel the show’s season two, to which Kris Jenner replied stating that the only things he had written to her were the Mother’s Day cards and she does not believe that those were Rob Kardashian’s words that were sent to her. She also said that she did not know what frame of mind Rob Kardashian was in when he sent the letter to her and added that one day he was okay and the next day he was a mess again, so it became really hard for them to figure out his mind.

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Talking about the show, Kris Jenner said that the show was never picked up or given a green signal for season two because if it had been then she would have received a letter from Rob Kardashian's manager, and since he never received the letter, how could they say that the show was given a green light? In her testimony and cross-examination, Blac Chyna also said that she never received a letter or contract from the channel that mentioned that their show was given a green light for season two.

Blac Chyna is suing the family with more than $100 million defamation lawsuit and claims that they tried to influence the network to get her successful show killed and tried to defame her on social media which has been very hard on her emotionally and financially. She had also filed a lawsuit against Rob Kardashian which will go on trial in May.