5 Times When Selena Gomez and BlackPink's Lisa Twinned
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:43:42 GMT
Image Source: Blackpink Update, Newsbeezer, Koreaboo

Great minds definitely think alike, as Selena Gomez and Lisa from Blackpink have to prove. Of course, they wow their fans with their elegant costumes every time, and their collective fans can not help but wonder how stunning they look. 

The two singers are more similar in many ways as they share their professions and fanbases that so ardently love them. But when it comes to their beautiful dresses from the same couture houses, they both can not help but style it in their personalized ways and still rock it. If they are both ever to take part in the 'who wore it better' competition, they will both surely win for wearing it best!

Their uncoordinated yet same dresses came into the view of the public eye when Selena donned a pretty pink dress when she made an appearance at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the night show's host. The stunning actress, singer, and producer wore the pink Miu Miu dress with all the elegance expected from a '60s inspired mini dress. 

Credits: Cewek Banget

The dress features a crystal-trimmed round neck and an open back. She paired the dress shaped after the attire worn by mod-era icons such as British model Twiggy and former first lady Jackie Kennedy with high platform heels as opposed to the flats that most chose to wear with it. The lady chose Prada shoes for the occasion.

The producer of the hit Netflix show '13 Reasons Why' took to doing her hair in half up and half down style, which itself is reminiscent of the 60's past. Her look was made complete with crystal-embossed earrings from Roxanne Assoulin. 

Lisa had worn the same dress last year, in 2020, as she appeared in the advertisement of a commercial for HuaGuoQingru Yoghurt Drinks. The ad came after Lisa had made her appearance in Youth With You as a mentor. The same Miu Miu dress as worn by Lisa came with a banged hairdo that perfectly suited the Kpop singer's face frame. The dress retails for over $2,000 and will definitely be a perfect addition to your closet. The two ladies, for their part, did incredible justice to style the dress in their own way. 

But this is not all to their style that they shared together. The two amiable ladies have a long history of sharing similar outfits. Considering just how much they enjoy similar fashions, we can not wait but wish to see them in many more outfits that they wear together and bring the best out of them. 

Credits: PageSix

Another of their twin style moments came when both Selena and Lisa starred along with the other Blackpink ladies in their song collaboration, named 'Ice Cream.' The two singers can not be more similar in their fashion, and yet their music has its own separate vibes to them. 

Selena opened up about working with Kpop stars and how she felt very welcome as she collaborated with the international sensation that the girl band is. She said, "It's also been a learning process because the language was new. But, somehow our distinct styles, along with their energy... we just fit together perfectly." She further went on to tell that the collaboration has brought her music in the limelight of the audience that favors Blackpink, and now her reach is extending, too. She also designed to say, "how warm and welcoming the audience has been."

Here are some other times when the two singers shared their styles:-

Ferragamo knitted dress

Credits: aFamily.vn

Lisa is always very elegant in her style and definitely looks quite chic with the way she styles Haute couture ensembles. Her one look that vowed audiences beyond any degree of admiration was the Ferragamo dress. Back in April 2021, Lisa donned the sleeveless knitted dress from the fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo. The pastel yellow turtleneck was paired with a similarly toned shirt and some BVLGARI jewels that cost a tiny fortune. 

Just a month earlier the same year, Selena was seen wearing the same dress but in her own unique style. The Disney starlet had worn the pastel yellow dress as it was without adding any layers underneath it but paired it with a gold embroidered leather belt. The lady appeared on the US Vogue's April 2021 edition, looking like a fresh flower in the springtime. 

Sparkling yellow Celine Dress

Credits: Cewek Banget

The same year, in 2021, Lisa and Selena served another of their twin style looks which can be attributed to wearing a particular Celine dress from the spring collection 2021. Lisa wore the dress this spring in April and had paired it with Chelsea boots. The occasion that demanded wearing of the dress was that the lady was to attend a photoshoot for the brand for the Harper's Bazaar China edition. 

Again, no more than a month earlier, Selena Gomez, too, had worn the beautiful Celine dress. She was on a dinner date with her grandparents, as she had then shared with her audience by posting the photo from the event on her Instagram account. 

White alpaca wool Celine sweater

Credits: Kpop Boo

The singer duo showed preference to another Celine ensemble last year when they both appeared in a white alpaca wool sweater from the brand. Lisa was seen wearing the brand's hooded sweater as the brand itself shared the lovely picture on their Instagram handle. You could get to hang the beautiful piece in your closet if you have $3,850 to spare.

For Selena's part, she was seen wearing the oversized sweater two months later as her makeup artist shared her fully dolled-up look along with donning the sweater on their Instagram account @hungvanngo. 

Balenciaga pants

Credits: Kpop Boo

The final of their twin looks is when the two were seen wearing a pair of Balenciaga pants that could set you back somewhat at around $748. Lisa had worn the pair for her 'As If It's Your Last' performance on the MBC's Show! Music Core. The singer had paired the trousers with an Alexander Wang top. 

Image Source : Vogue

Again Selena was to be seen wearing the same pants for a photoshoot with Vogue. The pair was styled with its matching top set by Balenciaga for the shoot.