Celebrities who receive their first time Grammy nomination
by Ana Walia | Wed, 24 Nov 2021 09:30:24 GMT
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The 64th Annual Grammy Awards will be held at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on January 31, 2022. It will honor the best recordings, compositions, and artists from September 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021, the eligibility year. Nominations have been released for 86 categories, and the ceremony will be live-streamed on demand from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Paramount+.

With the nominations out, there are quite a few artists up for a Grammy Award for the first time. Let’s take a look at the first time nominees for the annual Grammy Awards:

Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez's album "Revelación" has been nominated for a Grammy in the category of "Best Latin Pop Album." This is Selena Gomez's first Grammy nomination. While some sections of the audience were thrilled with the fact that she was nominated, there was a section of the audience that was happy but also questioned why Selena Gomez was not nominated yet.

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez’s successful and critically acclaimed album, "Rare," was ignored by the Academy Awards jury and was not nominated, after which the singer, during her interview with Vogue in March, shared her challenges of being taken seriously as a musician. She said, "It’s hard to keep doing music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously. I’ve had moments where I’ve been like, "What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this? ’ "With "Lose You to Love Me," I felt it was the best song I’ve ever released, and for some people, it still wasn’t enough.

"Revelación" is nominated under the category of "Best Latin Pop Album." Image Source: Pinterest

Selena Gomez, who is known for her exceptional music and deep lyrics, added, "I think there are a lot of people who enjoy my music, and for that I’m so thankful. For that I keep going, but I think the next time I do an album it’ll be different. I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire [from] music. "

Olivia Rodrigo 

The sensation Olivia Rodrigo has managed to secure seven Grammy nominations for her debut album "Sour" in the categories of a best new artist, an album of the year, song of the year, a record of the year, best pop solo performance, best pop vocal album, and best music video.

With her nominations, Olivia Rodrigo becomes the first Filipina-American to achieve nominations at the age of 18. Billie Eilish was 17 years old when she was nominated and holds the record as the youngest person to receive all four major nominations. Since her debut album, Olivia Rodrigo has managed to become one of the most successful breakout music artists of the year 2021, and her music has been appreciated highly by the audience.

Olivia Rodrigo is nominated under seven categories of Annual Grammy Awards. Image Source: The Guardian 

"Sour" comes from a deep arsenal of songs, many of which the singer says that she wrote during the COVID-19 and the album largely focuses on relationships, exes, heartbreak, etc. As Olivia Rodrigo told Variety last summer, "I think specificity is one of the most important things you can do as a songwriter." I love songs where you can listen to them and sort of feel like you’re in another world... and the way you do that is through imagery and details. "


Saweetie, a rapper, has been nominated for Grammys in two categories: Best Rap Song and Best New Artist. After the nominations were announced, Saweetie took to her Twitter to express her happiness, as she wrote, "I’m speechless. I wish I had the words to express how I feel, but I’m just so grateful!!! Being acknowledged for all the hard work me and my team have been doing feels amazing. Thank you #TeamIcy for sticking with me through thick and thin, y’all some real ride or die IKDR!! "

Saweetie is nominated under Best Rap Song and Best New Artist. Image Source: The Sun 


Almost a half-century after the release of their debut album, ABBA has managed to mark their first Grammy Award nomination in the category of Record of the Year for their song, "I Still Have Faith in You."

"Voyage," ABBA's ninth album and first studio release in 40 years, features the song. ABBA's only previous Grammy appearance was in 2015 when they were inducted into the Recording Academy's Hall of Fame. Given the band's ubiquity in contemporary culture, the news of their first-ever Grammy nomination garnered both praise and surprise on social media.

ABBA is nominated for Record of the Year for their song, "I Still Have Faith in You." Image Source: PEOPLE

The band's fans believe that their Grammy nomination has been long delayed. After the band's breakup in 1982, they re-connected in 2000 with the jukebox musical Mamma Mia!, which managed to drew huge crowds in London and Broadway and produced successful film adaptations in 2008's Mamma Mia! and 2018's Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. The band said in a statement that they were "so delighted that our fans seemed to have liked our new album as much as we enjoyed making it. We're ecstatic to be back at the top of the charts with a new album! '

Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso, who recently won Best Alternative Music Album at the Latin Grammys, is up for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards under the category of Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album for her "Calambre".

During an interview, Nathy Peluso spoke about her Latin Grammy nomination along with what inspired Calambre and said, "All the different musical influences that have inspired me for so many years. The influences come together in a way that makes me investigate different genres, paying tribute to them and trying to make them reach out and spread my passion for them to all the people who listen to me. It is an honor and an emotion I did not expect at all. For me, being recognized in this way gives me a lot of inspiration to continue working with my full being and with this strength. It’s my first Grammy nomination and I am super excited. " She was also nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys.

Nathy Peluso recently won Best Alternative Music Album at the Latin Grammys. Image Source: Mex Mads

Talking about breaking into the US music scene, Nathy Peluso said that she is still at a point where she is breaking into the US music scene and it is intriguing to her to see how far her music can reach even though it does not come from the same language.

Congratulations to all the first-time nominated nominees for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, and all the best.