Everything about 'Love is Blind': Season 2
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 23 Sep 2021 10:48:34 GMT
Image Source: The Bulletin Time

The blind date experiment continues: only that the dates stay blind for 10 days! 

Think of falling in love with someone entirely based on the connection you two form, the conversations you have, and how charmed you are by the other's personality. The Netflix reality series 'Love is Blind' works on a similar principle where they try to figure out if the saying 'Love is Blind' actually goes in real life. 

A hit experiment by couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey that premiered in 2018, the 'Love is Blind' season 2 is soon to be seen on your screens. The show in Season one had 30 male and female characters, who were made to go on blind dates with the rest in "pods." 

The pods are windowless cubicles only meant for conversations with the probable love interest without getting to see their face first. The couples were given only ten days to date their way through and get engaged with their chosen partner on the 10th day when they finally meet: for the first time. 

However improbable the social experiment seems to you, the shocking thing is that two of the six couples that got engaged in 'Love is Blind's first season got married and are to date an engaged couple (pun, not intended). Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, along with Matt Barnett and Amber Barnett, are four of the lucky people that got to find love on the reality show. The Barnetts did face troubles with a love triangle with Jessica Batten, but the two's blind love definitely made out of it. 

Chris Coelen, the genius creator of the show, believed in the idea before anyone else did and said he knew that idea would work. 

 "I believed enough in the universality of the idea, and I felt strongly that people connecting in this way was a good enough idea, an interesting enough idea, a radical enough idea, that I felt like people would develop a real emotional connection. But I truly had no idea that it was going to be as successful as it was."

However, other cast members of the show are still in search of their better half. Amongst these is Giannina Gibelli, who took leave from her fiancé, Damien Powers. Jessica Batten is now involved with Dr. Benjamin McGarth. Mark Cuevas, Batten's ex-fiancé, is now a father sharing a child with Audrey. 

Everything about Season 2

The season's production has changed to Chicago from Atlanta, Georgia, where the first season was produced. The other difference this year was shooting during Coronavirus, which made things "a bit more difficult," according to Vanessa. 

Image source: Us Magazine

The cohost of the reality dating show said, "They're in pods and bubble pods for the first two weeks." However, the contestants eventually have to move out for physical connection, and the cohost told, "But they then typically get out of the pods, and there's a lot of physical connection that's part of the show. … can the physical connection match the emotional connection?" The contestants are now back at their places as the co hosts wanted to "see if the family and friend connection match the love connection." They also said, "We finally found a way to shoot the season safely, and we are excited!"

The cast of 'Love is Blind' season 2 is still under the covers, and considering that the contestants are to see each other for the first time after their blind dates, it is unlikely that the cast will be announced before the show is premiered. There is also very little chance that anyone from the first season will be a part of the new season. Though Chloe Veitch from 'Too Hot to Handle' was seen in the reality show's teaser. The show is still to be hosted by the couple, Nick and Vanessa. 

Vanessa revealed that the show would air in February 2020. As the first season premiered on Love Day in February, the second season might follow in its footsteps. Vanessa said, "It's juicy," when asked what can be expected from the season too of the hit show. 

Now that season 2 is already in sight, season 3 is not far behind and is said to be already completely shot.