Hawkeye stunning trailer: Prime Christmas surprise
by Susweta Bose | Thu, 16 Sep 2021 03:54:47 GMT
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Marvel Studios dropped the first Hawkeye teaser on Monday. The trailer looks eye-catching with its action-packed drama and fun elements. It is said to premiere on the Disney plus platform. People are considering it as the first Christmas present given to the fans by MCU. The trailer introduces Hawkeye or Clint Barton ( Jeremy Renner) and Bumblebee( Hailee Steinfeld) as his follower Kate Bishop, who is likely to snatch the position from Hawkeye.

Kate Bishop will convince that she is the most skilled Bowman all around the globe. The whole plot is based in the bustling New York City around Christmas time. Well, the teaser starts with Clint Brinton trying to revive his connections with his lovely family. He attempts to organize a trip with them. Further, a cover-up thug returns to Hawkeye's life, who traveled from his past life. Being a Hawkeye, he has to fulfill his duty of fighting with the demon face to face. So, he cancels all his family Christmas plans.

His only motive is to finish off the masked demon and skilled archer Kate Bishop and get back to his family on time. Hawkeye is not a typical writer's piece; it came straight from the Marvel comics. The character from the cartoon has some hearing problems. So, Hawkeye is seen covering their ears with a hearing aid. This proves that a lot of the events in the series are inspired by the original comic book. It is incredible for the viewers to get a peek at Captain America's theatrical show Rogers: The Musical.

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After sending away the family, a lot of action-filled events can be seen. It includes cars following each other, gunshots, archery war, funny scenes, and others.

Most probably the series will be telecasted on 24 November. Also, the climax episode will be shown on 29 December. Six episodes will be released each Wednesday.