How did Keoghan's Joker get his scars in The Batman?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 31 Mar 2022 15:25:24 GMT
Robert Pattinson's The Batman stars Barry Keoghan as the Joker; Credits: Screen Rant

The Batman ended on a very cryptic ending as it featured the character of Joker in Barry Keoghan's voice. The entire audience of The Batman collectively lost its mind thinking that there would be a future sequel to The Batman starring the Joker as the lead villain in the probable series. 

The director had recently shared that Barry Keoghan was supposed to have a more detailed role in the film, where he would make Bruce Wayne question himself and his motives. Yet, he decided not to use the scene in the film. 

He revealed that he managed to acquire the desired effect of emotions in Bruce Wayne without using the particular scene. The director also explained that he added the Joker to the film just for the cryptic effect and did not intend to create a subsequent sequel featuring the legendary clown villain. 

This past week, Batman came forward with another mind-boggling revelation from the film that left the fans stunned. The film positively shocked the audience as they released a deleted scene from the film. As you can expect, the scene featured a cameo by Robert Pattinson's Batman and Barry Keoghan's Joker.

While Keoghan did get to appear as Joker, though unseen, in the film, fans wondered what it would be like to see Batman and the character have an extended dialogue. Luckily enough, the deleted scenes have 5 whole minutes of extraordinary insight into the characters of Batman and the Joker. 

Seeing Joker in the film is a terrible experience for fans who romanticized Joker for a long time. The character shown in The Batman portrays an imprisoned inmate with hair missing from his head. 

His hands are dirty and with bloody nails. The most severe disfigurement can be seen on his face with extreme scarring as compared to the other Jokers seen in The Batman franchise.

However, The Batman director, Matt Reeves, recently shared the hidden origin of the Joker scars as seen in his limited onscreen time from the deleted scenes. The scars of Joker in Robert Pattinson's The Batman were necessary to be different from the markings of other Joker characters in the comic book turned film franchise. 

Originally, Tim Burton's scarring in the Jack Nicholson starring film came about as the character had fallen head-first into a container of chemicals. On the other hand, Heath Ledger's Joker in Dark Knight also bears scars but they have an entirely distinct origin. 

Reeves explained that the Joker character can be shown similarly to The Phantom of the Opera. He suffers from a disease where his mouth is automatically pulled into a smile. 

The smile lines have given a terrible shape to his face, making him look more sinister than charming. Even more, mystery is added to his character as his face stays hidden in the shadows throughout the entirety of his scenes. 

So, with the latest Joker portrayal, the scars do not have a specific tale to tell. It is not like our latest Joker fell into chemicals or that somehow he mysteriously got up with scars carved onto his face, like Christopher Nolan. 

Keoghan's Joker is simply supposed to look that eerie from the moment of his birth. It's almost like he is cursed with the congenital disease that has forced his features into a smile at all times. 

Even when he was just a child, the disordered smile made him look horrific, a child no one wanted to look at. That ultimately became his origin story as he saw people shying away from him always because of his childhood disease. In the end, he ended up as a person who decided that living is pointless. 

Explaining where he got the idea to make Keoghan's Joker as he is, Reeves explained that he was influenced by The Elephant Man by David Lynch. Hence, the latest Batman film got to have its own approach to the classic clown character. 

While it was almost necessary that the Joker appears in a Bruce Wayne story, the appearance has only made me hopeful that Keoghan might get to wreak havoc as Joker in another Batman film. 

So, is there a chance that The Batman will come again with a Joker sequel starring Barry Keoghan in the iconic role?

As of the present, Matt Reeves has firmly stated that he has no plans of getting The Joker out of the Arkham prison for the disordered and star him in the central light. Yet, he is sure that the character will get to appear here and there in the series. 

The director is now working on a production for HBO Max, which will focus immensely on the Arkham space. It will explain more about the Joker's origin and the terrible scars that he has been carrying since birth. 

Regardless, there will always be the chance that The Joker escapes and finds a way back into the real world. The Batman will then have to chase him without a doubt. However, Robert Pattinson's latest Bruce Wayne feature film has been running strong in theaters since 4 March.