How does Katie Maloney feel about Lala Kent cutting Tom Schwartz off?
by Ana Walia | Mon, 18 Apr 2022 21:20:44 GMT
Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announced their separation a few months ago. Final News 24 

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney shares how she feels about Lala Kent's cutting ex-husband Tom Schwartz off after he met Randall Emmett.

Lala Kent, during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, shared with host Andy Cohen that she and Randall Emmett are now "parallel parents" and she is trying to move on from having zero contact with him. Lala had previously mentioned that the former couples who share a 13-month-old daughter connect via an app and only talk about things related to their daughter.

Lala shared that the least supportive co-star is Tom Sandoval, who has yet to ask her or even acknowledge what has happened with her. And she later mentioned that Tom Schwartz recently hung out with her ex, Randall Emmett. Lala was unhappy about it and said that she has decided to cut him out because she is not someone who would ask an individual to pick a side, but in the situation with Randall Emmett, Lala Kent said that if someone does not pick her side, then that individual is going to remain in Switzerland and she wants nothing to do with that person.

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Talking about the decision, Katie Maloney said that it’s kind of like her M.O. and she cannot fault her for that while talking to E! News during an interview. Katie added that it’s no news about how strongly Lala Kent feels about Randall Emmett and seeing how things went down for the couple, the person Randall is, and how much she has expressed that she does not want him in her life at all, she cannot call her at fault for cutting Tom Schwartz out because he hung out with the person she wants out of her life.

Katie Maloney added that she completely understands Lala Kent’s situation right now, having ended her engagement to a person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with within October 2021 after various cheating rumors started to circle. The Bravo TV star added that Lala Kent has made several cheating allegations and accused Randall Emmett of creating a toxic environment for her while she was living with him, so she understands that it’s hard for her to keep up with a person who has been with someone who made it difficult for her to survive.

Katie Maloney also added that Lala Kent has made it pretty clear that she does not want anything to do with Randall Emmett and she had told everyone about it, so for someone to go and hang out with the person she made it clear that she does not want to be around with puts her in a spot and she has decided to take a step that, according to her, felt right to her.

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Where Lala Kent has been vocal about how toxic her relationship was with Randall Emmett and how her engagement ring was fake and she couldn’t wait for the sex with him to be over, how he cheated on her the same month she gave birth to their daughter Ocean, etc., Randall Emmett has shared that he is not going to disparage his former fiancée and mother of his 13-month old daughter.

Give Them Lala recently admitted that she is getting a boob job in honor of her paperback release of "Give Them Lala," her memoir, and said that she wants to celebrate. She shared that when she was pregnant with Ocean, her boobs were huge and amazing, so she wanted to get her groove back. During her podcast episode, she clarified that the audience might think that she is getting her boob job done for men, but it’s honestly just for her. Lala Kent is not yet ready to date, but she is excited about having a hot body!

In her previous episodes, she acknowledged how her split from Randall Emmett had crushed her self-esteem and made her feel worthless and disposable because every day there was something new that she’d found out about Randall that would shock her.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announced their split after five years of marriage and twelve years of togetherness. She shared that nothing has changed for them and she understands that when something massive like a breakup or divorce happens, it gets complex and messy, but for them, it has been smooth and has, so far, not caused too much of a ripple effect when it comes to their friends. The former couple stayed friends even after Katie Maloney filed for divorce officially in March.

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Katie added that everyone has been super kind and supportive for both of them as they reached out to them to know how they were doing and shared that they have been like a family for such a long time that everyone tends to be there for each other, which has been helpful for the former couple to transition most peacefully and amicably possible.

Katie Maloney revealed to Us Weekly a few weeks ago that while she is processing the information and feeling of being alone right now after she decided to call it quits with Tom Schwartz, seeing co-star Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy made her feel like she made the right choice.

Katie Maloney explained that when the former couple announced during the reunion episode that they have ended their engagement, she felt empowered in some way because her heart desired to take the step that the couple did, and that motivated her to push herself and say her truth. The former couple Katie and Tom are currently trying to help each other find a place to live and they desire to live in the same area because they have dogs and will be splitting the custody for them. Katie added that it's important to be near each other for their dogs.