How is Sharon Osbourne helping Kelly Osbourne following the news of her pregnancy?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 13 May 2022 19:55:14 GMT
Kelly Osbourne is going to be a mama! Image Source:  THR

Kelly Osbourne is going to be a mama!

Kelly Osbourne and her Slipknot rocker boyfriend, Sid Wilson, are expecting a baby together. The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne announced the news on her social media as she wrote that she knows that she has been very quiet the past few months, so she would like to share the good news with her fans and followers.

The caption continued were Kelly Osbourne wrote that she is over the moon to announce that she is going to be a mama and she is excited and thrilled for the next step in her life. She posted a picture of her sonogram from maybe a recent visit to the doctor. The couple, who have been friends since 1999, started dating and revealed their relationship in February and Sid Wilson also shared a picture of the sonogram on his social media confirming the news. 

Kelly Osbourne has been open about her substance abuse previously and mentioned that because of it she feels like she is left behind in her life and aspires to have kids. In April 2021, during her appearance at the Red Table Talk, she shared with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris that as a woman she would have loved to be married, have kids, and just settle down with the love of her life.

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Kelly Osbourne's inability to achieve was due to her substance abuse, and she admitted that she decided to stop doing drugs when she became pregnant because she wanted to. She also revealed that after being clean and sober for four years, she had relapsed but was back on track. She explained that she was able to manage to stay sober and clean throughout the pandemic but one fine day she was sitting by the pool and waiting for someone whom she had to meet for work purposes and saw a couple having champagne and thought that it seems nice and she could do it too. Kelly shared that she wanted to prove to everyone that she was doing okay but she was not, next day it was two glasses and then the next day it was bottles of champagne. 

Kelly said that what started with Vicodin turned towards heroin and described drugs as her safety blanket and explained that every voice in her head kept telling her that she is overweight, ugly, not good enough, and no one likes her and after taking the drugs every single voice fell silent, and it seemed like life hugged her. 

Kelly Osbourne shared that Sharon found her buying heroin at the age of 19 and sent her to get help and Kelly explained that she is going in and out of those places ever since. She further explained that her drug use increased during her mother's cancer battle and when her father nearly died in an ATV accident in 2003. 

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In 2008, the fashion designer was engaged to Luke Worrall, but the couple broke up in 2010 after he allegedly cheated on her with model Elle Schneider. She said at the time that he was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and that she had never experienced such heartbreak in her life, before going on to say that she only came home for Christmas to see him and that she discovered he had been cheating on her with multiple women in the meantime.

Kelly's second engagement occurred in 2011 after she met vegan chef Matt Mosshart. They were together for three years until splitting up in 2014. She stated at the time that it was a mutual decision and that they loved each other deeply but that the timing was not ideal.

Sid Wilson and Kelly Osbourne have been friends for a long time, and their friendship has turned into a romantic partnership, and they are both very happy chevaliers. According to sources close to the couple, their relationship did not surprise those close to them because they have been friends for about 23 years. Sid makes Kelly the happiest person and they have been doing good and knowing each other for such a long time helps in making a bond stronger. 

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Sharon Osbourne is extremely happy and thrilled for her daughter and is making sure that she is ready to take on her new role. A source revealed that Sharon has been helping Kelly a lot since she got to know her and is giving her motherly advice like what to eat, how to exercise, what to do, what not to do, etc. Kelly understands that Sharon’s advice is coming from a place of love and she has been following her mother’s advice. Sharon was aware that Kelly wanted to have her kids, but she was a wonderful aunt to her brother Jack Osbourne’s kids. The entire Osbourne family is happy and excited for the baby to arrive. 

Kelly’s pregnancy announcement sort of ends Osbourne’s health struggles, especially after Kelly and Sharon got infected with COVID-19 after Ozzy Osbourne, but now they are recovering and very happy with the news.

Congratulations to the new parents to be!