Kaley Cuoco opens up about her divorce, work, and healing
by Ana Walia | Sat, 16 Apr 2022 18:55:06 GMT
Kaley Cuoco gets candid about her life.Image Source: Hello Magazine 

Kaley Cuoco gets candid about her life.

In a recent cover story for Glamour, actress Kaley Cuoco shared about her life after her hit, successful sitcom, how she has been keeping busy, and her divorce. The CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" ended three years ago after twelve successful years of running and made Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny on the show, one of the richest women in television.

Post-TBBT, Kaley Cuoco has found herself busier than ever with her captivating performance as Cassie Bowden in HBO Max’s comedy thriller "The Flight Attendant." Chris Bohjalian’s novel, which is a New York Times best-selling novel, inspired the series and it went on to receive nine Emmy nominations in total for its first season and Kaley Cuoco, her first Emmy nomination as the lead actress in a comedy series.

During the interview, the actress spoke about her divorce from Karl Cook in September last year and shared a joint statement that Karl and she realized that their current path had taken them in the opposite direction and there had been no anger or animosity as they decided to separate. The actress shared that after the announcement, she went to film season two of "The Flight Attendant" and has been working through the trauma and visiting her therapist.

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Kaley Cuoco shared that she and her therapist are working on forgiveness and forgiving herself for making mistakes. She says that it has been hard for her to accept that she is a normal human and not a superwoman and urged everyone to try therapy out and mentioned that even if you think you’re in a good spot, therapy is an option for you as well. Talking more about how her second divorce has been hard on her, Kaley said that this was the first time she had to face something that she thought she could not do alone and it was enough for her to share it with her team. The actress mentioned that she was trying to hold things together, but she just could not.

In the interview, she opened up about focusing on the gray, like giving time to a relationship, taking time off, and spending time with her horses, to name a few things. The Flight Attendant actress stated that she now knows what she did wrong or perhaps did not do in her previous relationships and that she wanted to change that so that she could have a healthy and loving relationship now.

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Kaley said that she wants to have a deeper relationship so that she is not afraid of taking time off work to be by herself and the person she loves. She added that she loves working and the thought of vacation makes her ick, but that relentless pursuit was making her sick. The actress mentioned in the interview that she never wants to get married again, although she is open to having a long-lasting relationship or partnership but not marriage. Kaley said that she believes in love and she knows it’s out there, and she acknowledged that she has had some amazing relationships in the past as well, but now she just wants to figure out her priorities a little bit better before she gets into a relationship.

Kaley Cuoco, who is going to star in the upcoming romantic comedy "Meet Cute" opposite Pete Davidson, shared that they became good friends and that he is truly one of the nicest people she has met. She said that she recently texted him to know what life he was living right now because Kaley believes that Pete Davidson is not aware of how famous he is.

Talking about life post-Big Bang, Kaley said that she is known as Cassie now and not just Penny from Big Bang and shared that she auditioned for a part in the sequel to Knives Out and she was convinced that the part was hers, but then she did not get it and she was devastated. The role went to Kate Hudson. Kaley mentioned that she cried over that part, but the next day she got a call about Meet Cute, so she traced it like things in life happen for a reason. Kaley in the interview mentioned that the last year has been a growth max for her compared to how much she has grown in 36 years of her life.

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Kaley mentioned that according to her change is good and success is never going to change her but she has changed emotionally and personally with everything she went through last year. She added that because of the experience that she went through last year, she is not going to be the same person and even if she wants to, her therapist reminded her that it's a process and she has to go through it. The actress mentioned that her sister kept a check on her at the time as she would text her every morning to remind her that things are going to be found although she mentioned some mornings were not okay but then some morning she would think that her sister is right and it's genuinely going to be okay.

Kaley mentioned Zosia Mamet who plays Cassie's best friend on The Flight Attendant and said that she was one of the support she had while filming. She added that there were days when Kaley would not want to film or be okay to get out of bed but Zosia would help her get out, dress up, and put her in the car, and when Zosia was not filming she would visit sets to check up on Kaley because she knew that she was going through a rough patch.

Kaley mentioned that recalling how much Zosia helped her makes her emotional because she is one of her closest friends now who practically lived with her at the time. Talking about has she been in touch with her ex-husband, Kaley mentioned that they know that they don't want to lose each other completely and there is deep love but right now things are raw and fresh, and maybe not the right time to be in touch but future for sure. For now she is taking one day at a time and focusing on herself!