Kanye "Ye" West gets candid at Drink Champs
by Ana Walia | Sat, 06 Nov 2021 19:36:58 GMT
Kanye West mentioned that there is no paperwork when talking about divorce from Kim Kardashian. Image Source: USA Today 

Just when the world believed Kim Kardashian and Kanye "YE" West's romance was gone, the rapper sparked rumors that they were working on it and that they might get back together.

During his recent podcast interview on Revolt TV’s "Drink Champs" with hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on 4th November 2021, Kanye West criticized "Saturday Night Live" for scripting jokes about his divorce for Kim Kardashian's monologue on the sketch show.

The rapper shared that the team of Saturday Night Live made Kim Kardashian West said that she had "divorced him only because they wanted to get that bar off, but he said that he had never seen any papers and the couple were not yet divorced. Ye also went ahead to say that remarking on his relationship is not a joke for him, and the kids want their parents to be together. Ye added, "I want us to be together". 

During her monologue on Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian West mentioned, "He's the richest black man in America. A talented, legit genius who gave me four incredible kids. So, when I divorced him, you have to know it came down to just one thing. His personality". 

The 44-year-old rapper added that he is certain that the media is too invested in trying to portray friction between the couple because "They want it to be a new wedding, a new episode, a new TV show. Then they have people all around us and my wife here, you know, this publicist that's next to her-I don't fuck with her. " 

According to the insider, Kim Kardashian is aware that Kanye West still aspires for reconciliation and that he "wishes they could still work things out," but that there is "no chance for reconciliation at this moment." Another source also claimed, "She knows he has his feelings and doesn't hold back on voicing them. Kanye West has made it plain that he does not want to divorce Kim Kardashian and has asked her to reconsider."

N.O.R.E asked Ye about a conversation the two had where Ye told him that he does not even have a house to which Ye replied, "I restore houses. I’m very into architecture, but I’m not into the class system. That’s one of the main things they use to control us.... I remember saying, I was arguing with this one publicist and I told the person that I wasn’t going to have a house and they spazzed on me. They said, ‘you’ve done too much in your life to not have a house. You need a house.’ They tried to impose that idea. But my home is just when my daughter FaceTimes me. That’s where my home is."

Asked about staying in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during the Donda rollout, Ye continued, "You know, it’s this idea, this monk lifestyle. I heard that there are, like, trust fund kids that are kind of on the same wave right now, being homeless on purpose. "

Talking about doing a Verzus, Ye said, "Absolutely, but I would need about four people to go against me at one time. I need producers; I need people who make good albums. I need people who make radio hits. I need every single Gemini, specifically." All three of them started to talk about who would go against him, to which he said that Drake and the hosts suggested Jay-Z, but Ye said that he would never battle Jay-Z because "that’s my boss", but mentioned that he would easily beat Drake, which further deepened their fraught friendship.

Ye explained, "Drake doesn’t do an outright diss song where it’s a headshot. He’s going to set it up like war. He’s going to do stuff like, live five blocks down the street from you. Furthermore, he’s going to go and DM every single girl in your family, every single girl around your family. All your n-ggas’ girls. It’s away games and home games. This is professional rap. " Kanye West, now "Ye", added, "I felt like everybody should go to Drake and say, ‘You aren’t saying that to North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm’s dad.’ He could be saying "shit that’s poking at me and driving me crazy, and then if I do something that seems crazy, then they’re just blaming me". 

Kanye West, who just changed his name to Ye, was also asked about the industry's 'cancel culture,' to which he responded that he enjoys it and is above it. Kanye West has drawn a lot of criticism in recent years because of his public support for Donald Trump, his views regarding slavery, and many of the people he's surrounded himself with. "It's like, 'They can't cancel us all,' when I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after they both got cancelled for five songs," he remarked. "We're in the mind-control of 1984."

Kanye West was chastised for bringing out DaBaby during his final live DONDA listening amid the uproar surrounding his homophobic Rolling Loud comments and Marilyn Manson, who has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by various women.

Artists who were once friends and collaborators with Kanye West, who supported former President Donald Trump, have publicly disagreed with his political views, including singer John Legend, whose concerned text messages made to the public eye by the rapper on Twitter after Ye became one of Trump's high-profile celebrity supporters. Ye claimed that Legend and his former G.O.O.D Music signee Big Sean, who played at President Joe Biden's inaugural event, were "sellouts" for being ideologically opposed to him.

"When I ran for office, both John Legend and Big Sean were quickly utilized by the Democrats to attack the boy who had altered their lives. I don't rock with any of them, and I apologize for that," Ye said. He added, hiring Big Sean to his company was "the worst thing I've ever done" before demanding apologies from Legend and the "Bounce Back" rapper. Big Sean thought Ye's statements amusing, and after the interview, he shared a photo of him and Ye.

John Legend said, "I don’t think we’re fewer friends because of the Trump thing. I just think we’re doing our own thing," during publication at the time. "We’ve both got growing families and I no longer have a formal business relationship with him as an artist, so I think it’s just part of the natural cycle of life."  Kanye West said, "I'm not really saying anything shocking, you know John Legend gone always show up and do whatever them folks tell him to do. That's not a shocking thing, man."

Kanye West offered what he dubbed "Black Future Month" and/or "Black Possibility Month" near the end of the podcast. "Right now, put this on Black Twitter, Ye says cancel Black History Month," he stated. "Why? I'm in desperate need of Black Future Month and Black Possibility Month. I'm sick of watching us get hosed down. Likewise, I'm sick of hearing about slavery and how lucky we should be to vote for a lady who hasn't been seen since the election", he said. 

Speaking on his recent travels, Kanye West mentioned that flew to Lisbon where he had to go through the Portugal capital to get to Paris. "I travelled to Paris, like, a couple of weeks ago, and I had to go through Lisbon because you can go through Lisbon without being vaccinated," Ye said. "I only have one of the shots, so I’m half-vaccinated."

Amazon Prime is currently streaming Kid Cudi's documentary, "A Man Named Scott" and when Ye was asked to pick between Kid Cudi and Travis Scott. "Kid Cudi because Travis is a mix of me, Cudi, and [ASAP Rocky]," Kanye said. Kanye West also said, "Ye is like this encompassing thing of fashion, bars, beats, production, videos. And then what happened is you get Rocky dressing better than me, Tyler making better videos, Drake [selling] more records, Virgil [getting a] higher position in fashion, J. Cole [going] more backpack, or Kendrick [having] better bars and stuff."

He then compared himself to the No. 1 threat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "I had no choice but to play Thanos, and I don't want to be the villain. But when I went to do the Donda thing, Ye came back, and everyone had to take a seat and see the actual leader." When asked about "the phobia" of mental health, Ye joked about obtaining a strange haircut, calling it a "Britney... which now could be termed a 'Ye'," and claiming that any "statement of insanity is a sort of censorship and control."

"Today's most influential rapper is Future," Ye added, adding that Chief Keef and Soulja Boy are also worth listening to. "Drake added something to the algorithm," Ye said, referring to his higher degree of expertise than the Nas and Rakim he grew up with. The hosts did not ask Kanye “Ye” West about Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson seemingly like the interview was shot before the rumors of the two datings started circling.