Kendall Jenner's Breathtaking Looks At Michael Kors Fashion Show
by Meenakshi | Sat, 11 Sep 2021 13:49:00 GMT
Image Source: E! Online, Geeky Craze, wallpaperflare

The American supermodel Kendall Jenner rocked The New York Fashion Show as she walked on the runway. The 25-year-old Jenner on Friday, September 10, stormed her fans and followers with a simple yet gorgeous black pencil skirt and a red handbag filled with beautiful roses. The supermodel is known for setting the industry standards and she did the same here with a shimmery black gown that she wore with bright and vibrant red lipstick.

The American television personality Kris Jenner celebrated her daughter's eye-catching return to the runway. She wrote on Instagram, "Kendall opening the @michaelkors show this morning!! So stunning, Kenny!! What a beautiful show, and the perfect way to start the morning!" The 25-year-old supermodel was also photographed in Manhattan wearing a leather mini skirt to attend her friend Fai Khadra's birthday party. Jenner's boyfriend Devin Booker was also seen alongside her.

In an interview in 2019, Jenner revealed her nervousness and anxiety before walking runway shows. She said, "I used to get really nervous during fashion shows.” She added, “I feel like when you’re walking on the runway—I say this from experience—you’re just thinking, ‘Walk straight! Walk straight!’—and you try to just focus on that. Especially me, because I used to get really nervous when I knew people in the audience. I would try and force myself to zone out. But now, I’m cool with it—I’ve actually gotten so much better at it that I like knowing who’s there, and I’ll kind of peek over to see who’s in the audience before I come out. But it took a little while to get to that point.”

Source: Elle

The American model during an interview in 2020, even shared her experiences of runway shows with a shoot for a brand. She said, "They’re very different,” she further said. “Runway, during the hectic fashion weeks, towards the end of it, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is a lot.’ So many looks, so many photographers. It’s obviously a dream come true to get to model in a runway show, but it’s still very intense. What I think is the coolest part is that you get to be part of the designer’s creative experience. You’re there doing it with them, which feels really special. But campaigns are cool because you get to immerse yourself in a character for a day. You get to explore your own creative side by creating a really sick photo and pretending to be someone else.”

Kendall Jenner made her first appearance at No. 16 on Forbes magazine's 2015 list of top-earning models, her estimated annual income reportedly is more than US$4 million. Jenner in the year 2017 was even named the world's highest-paid model by the famous Forbes magazine, surpassing supermodel Gisele Bündchen who had been at the top of the list for more than 14 years.