'Midnight Mass' premiered its 1st episode yesterday!
by Mahima Jhawar | Sat, 25 Sep 2021 10:06:09 GMT
Image Source: The Ringer, Roger Ebert

2 weeks earlier, Netflix launched a trailer for its upcoming new drama named "Midnight Mass". The season saw the premiere of its first episode on September 24, 2021, which was yesterday.

This drama series by Mike Flanagan is based upon the supernatural gene and it covers blood-soaked horror that turns a private redemption story into a terrific horror tale.

The film casts many familiar faces seen in The Haunting Of Hill House and other projects of Flanagan, including some new faces too. The series is already proven a hit by getting a 95% rating from rotten tomatoes and 7.9 stars out of 10 in IMDb rating.

Let me tell you about the plot of the film in brief for your better understanding.

Warning: This content piece might include some mild spoilers of the series “midnight mass”.

The movie is set on an isolated land, basically, a fishing town of the Crockett Island (called the crock-pot) that consists of a meager population, 127 people to be specific. This small town has witnessed many unfortunate events that have highly affected their way of life. The series witnesses the return of Riley (played by Zech Gilford) who returns to his hometown after four years of prison for crashing a car in his drunk state to another, leaving a young woman wrapped in blood.

The accident brings a scary start to the season, of course in the style of Mike Flanagan. Riley’s return to the isolated community of Crockett Island gradually unveils the mysterious secrets of the town. His arrival is followed by a fresh face namely Father Paul (played by Hamish Linklater). The two seemingly unconnected individuals bring about many miracles, mysteries, and even renewed religious spirit to a helplessly dying town.

You may watch the trailer of this series "Midnight Mass" to get a preview of the horror maze this film follows. Click on the tab below to have a glimpse of this thriller and horror ride-

Renowned actors like Kate Siegel (as Erin Greene), Zach Gilford (as Riley Flynn), Rahul Kohli (as Sheriff Hassan), Hamish Linklater (as Father Paul), Samantha Sloyan (as Bev Keane), Alex Essoe (as Mildred Gunning), Henry Thomas (as Ed Flynn), Rahul Abburi (as Ali Hasan), and many others can be seen to play pretty interesting parts in the series.

These horror dramas are a speciality of Mike Flanagan, looking forward to more of his works.

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