Post Malone discusses how his fiancé saved him from a toxic drinking relationship
by Ana Walia | Wed, 15 Jun 2022 13:27:32 GMT
Post Malone reflected on his destructive relationship with alcohol. Image Source: ET Online 

Post Malone reflected on his destructive relationship with alcohol and praised the people who helped him get sober. 

Post Malone, who is currently promoting his new album, "Twelve Carat Toothache," recently appeared on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show and reflected upon his relationship with alcohol and how his fiancé and baby mama helped him.

Post Malone said that it was a rough point for him at the time because he couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks and described that it was screwdrivers, vodka, and bodying fifth, and he tried to hang in there and spoke to people who weren't there. The singer, who recently welcomed a baby girl, recently said that despite having so much guidance from Justin Bieber and more, Post Malone said that he felt trapped in his world with a destructive attitude toward doing what he wanted to do and is going to do what he wants to do.

Post Malone said that eventually, he realized that he needed to do less talking and more listening, and he started working on being more open to advise from others, including his fiancée, who helped him navigate his rough period. Post Malone said that he met this beautiful person who made him feel like a human being again and that her guidance helped the singer to get out of the darkness into the light. Post Malone said that his fiancé saved his life and called it pretty epic.

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The singer said that his struggles with alcohol were a symptom of low self-esteem, which he's since learned to process and explained that there was a point in his life where he was not happy with who he was, and he was a f—ing turd and he sucked he said. But now, Post Malone wants to be better every f—ing day and added that people should know what the golden rule is which is just don't be a d—head. 

Post Malone and his fiancé recently welcomed a baby girl and the artist wants to keep the identity of his fiancé private and adds that he wants to keep learning and wants to be better every day. Post Malone announced last month that he was expecting his first child and said that he was excited for the next chapter of his life and that he was the happiest he had ever been. In a statement given to E! News, Post, Malone said that he is now going to take care of his body, family, and friends and spread as much love as he can. Post Malone also shared with Jimmy Fallon later that he wants to embody kindness as a father. 

Since moving from Los Angeles to Utah in 2019, Post Malone has lived a more quiet existence, explaining in a January interview with Billboard that everyone wanted him to stay in LA since that's where the work gets done, but he was sick of it. At the time, the artist noted that there's always something to do, and someone wants something from you, and he didn't want to go insane.