Terry Crews weighs in on the infamous Oscar altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock
by Ana Walia | Mon, 25 Apr 2022 19:51:51 GMT
Terry Crews expresses his opinions on the infamous Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar altercation. Image Source: TV guide 

Terry Crews express his opinions on the infamous Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar altercation along with talking about his new memoir, 'Tough'. 

During his conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Terry Crews becomes the newest member of the club who has reacted to the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar altercation. Terry mentioned that Chris Rock’s decision to carry on with the award and not react to the slap saved Hollywood.

Terry Crews, in conversation with Lexy Perez, mentioned that he could relate to both Will Smith and Chris Rock at that moment and mentioned that both of them are very dear friends of his and he loves them both as his brothers, but there was a time in his life when he acted the way Will Smith did. Terry Crews added that he had done worse than what Will Smith did on that stage and added, "way overkill." The punishment did not fit the crime.

Terry Crews got into a physical altercation with a person who made a disrespectful comment on his then-pregnant wife while they were out for dinner. Terry discusses the incident in his upcoming memoir "Tough," saying he regrets his conduct and that it caused him to reflect on how he handled the issue. The actor went on to say that he had no control until he was assaulted by agent Adam Venit and found himself on the other end of the line, where he chose to be in charge, much like Chris Rock did on stage.

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Terry added that he chose to hold everything together that day, otherwise, it could have ended in chaos. In 2017, it was reported that Terry Crews had filed a report alleging sexual assault by a Hollywood executive after he shared in tweets that an individual with a high-level executive rank in the industry had groped his genitals at an event in 2016. WME agent Adam Venit apologized to Terry Crews in 2018 and in September, the two settled the lawsuit. Adam Venit retired from his position at the agency.

In his memoir, Terry Crews mentioned that his learning to control his reaction had saved his life and redefined what it meant to be tough for him. He shared that the true definition of toughness was what Chris Rock did in taking that slap and then holding everything inside of him and showcasing tremendous endurance and resilience in the middle of obstacles. He concluded that he is thankful to Chris, but he understands Will as well, and he is not one to demonize the actor because he was not there.

Terry Crews’ memoir "Tough" comes out on Tuesday and is his second memoir after "Manhood: How to Be a Better Man—or Just Live With One," which came out in 2014. He shared that his first memoir started the conversation related to the toxic masculinity that needed to take place. Tough focuses on his upbringing, religion, race, addiction, and money, along with talking about his parents, and the actor mentioned that it is in such great depth that at one point he found it uncomfortable to even write about it.

Terry, on asking what he’d like his readers to take away from the memoir, shared that he wants people to know that they are not broken, just assembled. He added that through therapy he learned that he was not broken and was not finished, and that’s when he started to work on himself and now would urge the readers to do the same. The actor stated that individuals should continue to work on themselves and assemble themselves because life is going to change.

Terry Crews hinted that he’s down for filming of the heist episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before adding that he misses the cast every day. Talking about Will Smith, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts have banned the actor for a decade which Will Smith accepted. He had previously apologized and resigned from the Academy as well. 

After a publication wrote an article on how Terry Crews thought that the Academy's decision to ban Will Smith for a decade does not fit the crime he committed by slapping Chris Rock on stage, the actor took to his social media to clarify that he was not referring to the Academy's decision but about the incident where he was involved.