"The Rachel Green" Haircut -- Still Going Hot
by Susweta Bose | Wed, 01 Sep 2021 17:47:16 GMT
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Every 90s born favorite series "Friends" had a crazy fan following because it was a massive hit at that time (still counting, though!). One of the actresses, Jennifer Aniston from the show (who played Rachel), became an overnight star in episode 20 of the show. Earlier, many hairdos grabbed viewers' attention from sitcoms, but Rachel's hairstyle got a massive number of fans.

According to the sources, approximately 25 million watchers renewed their hairstyle during the release of the initial three seasons. It was the gratitude of fans for Rachel as everyone wanted to be the diva of the famous "Friends" group. It was also the best recognition any actor had received for their work.

Until 1995 the character had the same hair tone, which was sassy and oh-so-classy! However, later the actor's hairstylist suggested that it requires a little change. Of course, Hollywood's famous hairstylist Chris McMillan was not an astrologer who can predict how new change would affect the culture of the 90s. But unintentionally, he was successful in transforming the style for endless ladies across the world.

Moving on, Hair salons worldwide started getting chaotic with customers demanding "The Rachel Green" haircut. Even some dressers revealed that approximately 40 percent of their business profit from providing the same hairstyle to the women thrice a week.

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The original stylist MacMillan was not any different from the other hairdressers. Most of the ladies travel to his Los Angeles salon to get the hairdo. Women showed up with magazines and pictures of Rachel and requested the same in the Salons.

Then again, good things come at a price. This hairstyle was not easy to maintain. It required regular grooming that made it difficult to look perfect. 27 years and still every female Friends fan desires to get that haircut. Still, sassy and oh-so-hot! Have you tried it already?