What do Star Trek actors think of their characters and their Star Trek experience?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 07 May 2022 18:19:53 GMT
Star Trek features a lot many characters from the original series; Credits: The New Indian Express

Paramount has once again decided to trek in the Star Trek universe and this time they will bring forward Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The series is a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery and features a story from years before the Star Trek: The Original Series. 

The show will embark on a journey that will show the works of the U.S.S. Enterprise is under the control of Captain Christopher Pike, who is played by Anson Mount. The character was first seen in the Star Trek universe in The Original Series. He starred along with others like Number One, who was played by Rebecca Romjin, Spock, played by Ethan Peck, and more.

Others included are Celia Rose Gooding's character Uhura, Babs Olusanmokun's character Doctor M'Benga and Nurse Chapel by Jess Bush. These roles were played by different actors in The Original Series. Strange New Worlds will also host its own array of new characters, adding La'an Noonien-Singh to the count, who is played by Christina Chong, and Erica Ortegas, played by Melissa Navia.

The actors to star in Strange New Worlds, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, and Mellisa Navi, recently sat with Collider to discuss their new characters in the Star Trek universe. They also shared what it was like to work with Gooding and bring out the character of Uhura. 

Sharing their first time on Star Trek and on the bridge, Christina Chong said that it was amazing to be present there. They tried everything from costumes, to hair and makeup that day. 

The actress admitted that she was not a Star Trek fan earlier, but stepping onto the bridge made her realize how far and wide the extent of the franchise has reached. It made her understand the love the franchise has, especially as she recalled that her brother would watch it, and now she herself was dressed as a character from Star Trek. 

The sheer extent of the place from the lights, costumes, and the sets was amazing for her, said Chong. She recalled that it was an incredible experience to be there for the first time. 

Mellisa Navia also explained what her initial reaction was when she got onto the bridge. She shared that everyone was already telling her that they had done a good job at developing the sets and upgrading the bridge. The bridge was considerably different from the Original Series but keeping true to the Star Trek theme, it was easy to pinpoint what was on the bridge.

Sharing her first thought upon stepping into the place, Mellisa said that she went into this nerd mode where she just wanted to figure things out. She thought that she would have to fly the things and just wanted to figure out all the controls and learn how to steer them.

She went on to talk with people who were in charge of the graphics and also the design team that had built the ship. She said that she researched engines and learned about them from Google and Youtube and tried to understand the dynamics that went behind flying a starship. 

She also knew that the fan base of the franchise would come to her aid and help her learn more. So, she learned all she could and when she actually sat as the pilot, she thought that she was actually flying a spaceship. 

She added that this approach helped her character fr the shoots. 

Celia joked when it came to telling her own experience on the bridge and said that while Mellisa paid all the attention and learned the things that went behind flying the spaceship-like an obedient student, she was the class joker who tried doing everything all at once. 

She went all berserk as she touched everything on set and walked around touching all the screens on the bridge and more. Coming from a family of Star Trek fans, she was pretty excited to see things up close, especially the beige since her family would really love her being there. 

Not only was all of it gorgeous, but the Star Trek bridge has almost become an icon in the franchise now. The actor shared that every time they got on the bridge, it felt like they were getting on it for the first time.

And so it's incredible. I mean, it's the iconic bridge. It's 1701. It's that girl. And so it was really, really incredible. Even every day we step on the bridge, it feels like, for those first few moments, it feels like that first time.

Gooding also shared what her experience was with getting on to the Star Trek sets this time. She explained that her family has always been very supportive of their career and very excited for her as an artist. 

Her family came with her to the sets of the bridge, and as they have also been very big fans of the franchise, it was almost like going back to their roots when they came to the Star Trek sets. 

The family all joined together and brought popcorn to watch her perform. The actress shared that it made her very happy and emotional to have their support. She said that she is excited for herself and also her fans, along with her family to have this new experience with the series.