What does Sophie Turner have to share about being a mother?
by Ana Walia | Mon, 02 May 2022 19:41:44 GMT
Sophie Turner has some wisdom to share. Image Source: Glamor 

Sophie Turner has some wisdom to share.

Actress Sophie Turner, best known for her portrayal of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, is complimenting her role as a mother to help her be a better actress. During her appearance on The Wrap’s "UnWrapped" podcast, Sophie Turner shared that being a mother and a wife has helped her to be better at what she does for a living.

Sophie mentioned that being a mother adds a different perspective to a woman’s life, and now when she takes up a project, she thinks from a different perspective as the idea of having her own family has made her an emotional person. The actress added that because of which her empathy levels are heightened and the feelings about the family just escalate and overflow at times.

The actress, who is all set to make a return to television with the HBO series "The Staircase," which is all set to premiere on May 5, 2022, added that being involved in her household with being a mother to daughter Willa and wife to the Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas has helped her to be a better actor. She explained that as an actor, the only way to become a brilliant actor is to experience as much of life as possible, and individuals must keep bringing those experiences into their lives to keep evolving.

Sophie added that being involved with her family has helped her to gain different kinds of experiences in her life and she is glad that she can bring something new to the table as it helps her performance one way or another. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first daughter in July 2020 after they secretly got married in Las Vegas in May 2019, although two months later, the couple had their fairy tale wedding in France.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting their second child and are thrilled for Willa to have a sibling. The sources revealed that the couple has decided not to reveal the name of the baby until the baby arrives, and knowing the fact that Sophie Turner is a very private person, it does not seem like she is going to make an official pregnancy announcement until she wants to. (She appeared on the MET GALA 2022 Red Carpet along with Joe Jonas cradling her baby bump)

Talking about her show, "The Staircase," is based on the true-crime story of Michael Peterson, played by actor Colin Firth, who was charged on account of murdering his wife Kathleen Peterson, played by actress Toni Collette. The body of Kathleen was discovered at the bottom of the staircase of their house, and the series will unfold the story of how she was murdered. The storyline is expected to be full of twists and turns, showcasing that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The series is loosely based on the documentary series of the same name, which is streaming on Netflix.

Sophie Turner plays Margaret Ratliff, who was adopted by Michael Peterson after she and her sister, Martha Ratliff, played by actress Odessa Young, lost their parents. What is strange is that Margaret and Martha’s mother, Elizabeth Ratliff, was also found dead at the bottom of the staircase in their home, very similar to Kathleen, who was years later found dead in the same way.

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During her interview with Elle Australia, Sophie shared that she could relate to Margaret, and a lot of people will relate to the feeling of blind loyalty towards family when they watch the show. The actress added that she felt like throughout her childhood she felt the same loyalty towards her family just like everyone else because people are brought up in that way.

Sophie mentioned that she sympathized with Margaret’s decision to stick to her father no matter how controversial it was because Michael had been her savior, and every girl grows up with the idea that her father is a hero, which is what Michael was to Margaret. Talking about her approach toward the character, she said that Margaret is a real-life person and one could google her anytime and study her, but she tried to take a different approach by creating a character herself, finding a balance, and being respectful to pay justice to her. She added that it was really fun to play a real character and she would love to do more like it in the future.

Sophie shared that she watched the documentary along with the world and got obsessed with it. Then, six months later, she was offered the role and now she has become neutral compared to the opinions she had before she took up the project. The actress mentioned that filming the show had made the cast even more confused because they had no idea what the truth was and she'd like to stay with that. Sophie Turner added that when you're making a show about real people and real life incidents, one tries to go into the project with having any preconceived notions about it. 

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The actress mentioned that there were various discussions on what had actually happened which has left the cast even more perplex as what the truth could be. She added that with spending countless hours on and offset, talking about every angle of the story, the cast was left with more questions than when they started. On asking about what are her expectations with the show, Sophie added that she hopes that the audience could know a little more about Kathleen and her life and what was she as a person, what the Peterson family was like and how and what each member of the family went through. 

The series premieres on May 5th!