What is the fate if Claire and Jamie in Outlander season 6?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 05 May 2022 07:01:16 GMT
Claire and Jamie have hard times ahead of them; Credits: Variety

Outlander was seriously magnificent when it came to its season finale "I Am Not Alone" after a season filled with eight episodes. Rich with events and a fully immersive story, Outlander surely knew how to impress as it went out with a bang!

The season starts with Jamie and Claire trying to save themselves from the attack of Richard Brown. The couple, played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, is always facing the worst of enemies and this time it was the bad guy played by Chris Larkin and his accompanying army. 

Brown's excuse to invade them is to take Claire for her trial as he accuses her of murdering Malva Christie. But it is obvious that if they get to Claire, things will not be pretty for her. 

Things seem pretty mellow for the couple as Brown and his army launch a full-fledged attack on their Big House at Fraser's Bridge. The two indulge in a conversation that could very well have been their last talk with each other. 

Yet, things are turned for the better when Tom Christie, played by Mark Lewis Jone, appears and ensures that he will take Jamie and Claire to trial and also help keep them safe. He also ensures them justice but things are not good as the public has already turned against Claire and has started calling her a witch. 

They find another savior when young Ian, played by John Bell, learns about the condition of his uncle and aunt and comes to their rescue. 

On the other hand, Fraser's Ridge is fighting off its own monsters but Brianna and Roger still do not know what is going on. There is no knowledge about the location of where Roger will be ordained to be a minister. Brianna is played by Sophie Skelton and Roger is played by Richard Rankin. 

Yet, happy news finds them when Roger and Bree had to cut their son's hair due to lice. They find a birthmark on his head that is the same as Roger's confirming that it is definitely his son and not Stephen Bonnet's, who had assaulted Bree in season 4. 

Jamie and Claire are separated as Claire is taken to jail and put on trial. Tom Christie tries reassuring her that Jamie will not be killed. Brown decides to ship Jamie to Scotland as a deal to not kill him but Ian returns with a way to save his uncle. Now, there is a good chance that Jamie can help save Claire with the help of Ian. 

The lead stars of the show talked about the finale of season 6 of Outlander and discussed what they think will happen to Jamie and Claire onwards. 

Talking about why the show is left on a cliffhanger, Balfe explained that they initially had decided to shoot the season for 12 episodes, but later decided that this is a great point to end the story. Now there is still hope for Claire but it is also a great turning point in the story that will have the audience on edge. 

The last two episodes are filled with twists and turns that could leave the audience confuzzled. Yet, the ending of the season is perfect to take a breather from all the sudden occurrences. 

The thing is they did not try to fit the story of the originally planned 12 episodes into the eight-episode season. They simply took the eight episodes with the original scripts as planned and decided to end things at a cliffhanger. The writers had a lot of time to put things into words as they had to wait out the pandemic and then came up with the idea. 

The episodes are fairly longer than others from the series, giving the audience more time to get accustomed to the characters and see how things go with them. From the start of the season, things are put in an open perspective where the audience can directly see into the head of the characters. Hence, the season was really able to build a strong connection between the audience and the characters. 

Pandemic was the biggest factor that changed the original 12 episodes into the new eight-episode season. The production team could not go on shooting the lengthy season and decided to cut things short. Not only did it allow the production to have a breather but the separation arc of Jamie and Claire is also an edgy way to end things. 

They did take a few things from the episode that are now added to the beginning of season 7. The characters got to show their true inner selves while they fought through the hard battle. Jamie and Claire are very strongly knit in the season as they team up like always and stand together to face whatever comes their way. 

But this time, it was not only the world but also their home that was barricading them in. Claire is particularly suffering the hardest because everyone thinks she committed the crime and it is only Jamie who is at her side. In fact, no one could even guess that Tom Christie would come to their aid and believe in Claire. 

It is not revealed what he thinks about Claire's innocent or guilty status. Yet, he believes in justice and takes her to the trial safely, and ensures that things are good for Jamie, too.