Why did Doja Cat call out Noah Schnapp?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 08 Jul 2022 21:15:50 GMT
Doja Cat is not pleased. Image Source: Teen Vogue 

Doja Cat is not pleased with Noah Schnapp

Doja Cat recently called out Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp for revealing her direct messages sent to him to the audience, in which she implied that she has a crush on Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson on the show.

The singer wanted to reach out to Joseph Quinn’s whose portrayal of Eddie Munson on Stranger Things with terrific acting and guitar skills (looks too) probably impressed the singer, and she wanted to reach out to him but thought her other Stranger Things friends could make it happen for her. Doja Cat also wrote on her Twitter saying that Joseph Quinn was fine as shit in May.

In the DMs shared by Noah Schnapp (now deleted), Doja Cat wrote to the actor that could he tell Joseph Quinn to hit her up, and then she asked him if Joseph Quinn had a girlfriend, to which Noah Schnapp encouraged Doja Cat to slide into Joseph Quinn’s DMs, to which Doja Cat replied stating that she does not know Joseph Quinn’s Instagram or Twitter and he does not have a DM to slide in. Noah went ahead and shared Joseph’s profile with the singer.

The video from Noah Schnapp's TikTok has been deleted now. Image Source: Cheezburger 

As soon as Noah Schnapp shared the TikTok of him and Doja Cat talking about Joseph Quinn, the video went viral, and while a lot of people thought that the video was shared playfully by the 17-year-old actor, some along with Doja Cat were not impressed with the actor's move to disclose her chats online. The singer called out Noah for sharing their private chats with the public. Doja Cat went online on her TikTok and urged her followers to screen record her conversation about Noah so that they could post it online.

Doja Cat stated that let everyone try to be cool about it. To be honest, Noah Schnapp is a child and she admitted that she doesn't know his age. But there is no way he is over 21 she said and added that when you're that young, you're going to make errors. Doja went on to say that she is trying to be fair here and that young people create stupid crap. People mess up connections with other people and make errors, which serves as a reminder that you shouldn't repeat those mistakes in the future. She acknowledged that she had done her fair share of messed-up things so that she wouldn't mess up again.

However, after discussing Noah's TikTok further, Doja Cat remarked that it was really bizarre and socially awkward for him to publish their chat there. She said that it is similar to weasel crap and that it is just almost snake shit, and she clarified that she wasn't claiming that it perfectly captured Noah's character. The singer said that she wouldn't imagine he was or maybe he was a full snake, but she had not imagined him to be one and made an assumption that he would be calm about it, but instead, he went ahead and shared their personal information with the world, and she was not comfortable with that.

Noah Schnapp and Joseph Quinn have not yet responded to Doja Cat’s comments. The actor who played Eddie Munson, who was killed pretty much in a heroic way at the end of the epic season four, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said that it could not have happened any other way and that it feels like the perfect crescendo to this kind of crazy sequence.

Joseph further mentioned the inventiveness to come up with the sequence like that and the bravery to put it out in this way, he’d only like to say that it was well done by the Duffer Brothers. The actor, who has been praised by the critics and audience for his spectacular performance on-screen, said that he has been overwhelmed by the emotions of feeling loved and appreciation that he has been receiving from the fans. He added that it’s nice to witness that the audience has found a space in their hearts for a new character, and it’s heartwarming.

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Talking about how the show was filmed during the pandemic, Joseph Quinn mentioned that this season was enormous and then the ambition was kind of ridiculous, so he said that there was no way that it couldn’t be this kind of mammoth process and mentioned that everyone worked so hard on it. Joseph continued and said that the fact that they put the show out there and it’s been so well received and, obviously, personally for the character that he played on-screen, for people to be so welcoming, it feels like a big exhale.

Although Joseph Quinn’s time on the show as Eddie Munson is over, he shared that he has come out of it with great experiences and a newfound family. The actor said that they’re nice people, and it was everything that you’d expect, and he added that it’s a good thing to go somewhere strange with a bunch of strangers and then leave that place with really dear friends.

Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix.