Will Chris Brown ever learn from his past mistakes?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 28 Jan 2022 21:57:09 GMT
Image Source: India TVNews, AZ Quotes

According to TMZ, Chris Brown is being sued for a $20 million lawsuit for allegedly raping a woman, Jane Doe, on a yacht parked at Diddy’s Star Island home on December 30, 2020.

The woman who has accused the singer of alleged rape is a professional choreographer, dancer, model, and musical artist who described that the incident took place within minutes. She claims that Chris Brown grabbed the phone of a friend with whom she was FaceTiming and invited her to come to Diddy’s home on Miami’s Star Island as soon as possible.

The woman further in her claims explained that when she reached the yacht, Chris asked her if she wanted a drink and motioned her towards the kitchen and when they entered the kitchen, the singer handed her a red cup with a mixed drink and the two of them started casually talking. After the singer re-filled her cup the second time, she mentioned that she began to feel ‘ a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness’.

In her lawsuit, the woman claimed that soon after feeling a change in her consciousness, she felt "disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep" and that is when Chris led her into the room. She was half asleep and probably drugged. Further in her lawsuit, she has mentioned that Chris closed the bedroom door, stopping her from leaving, removed her bikini bottoms, and started kissing her. The woman explains that even though she was half-asleep, she tried to ask the singer to stop but he persisted and raped her.

According to reports, Chris Brown called Jane Doe the next asking her to take a contraceptive. Image Source: Page Six 

The woman also claimed that Chris Brown ejaculated inside her, jumped up, and announced that he was ‘done’. She also claimed that Chris did text her the next day and demanded she take Plan B (to take a contraceptive) and she is now suing the singer for $20 million in damages claiming the alleged rape is causing her severe emotional distress.

Attorneys Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck are representing Jane Doe and have shared with TMZ that she did not report the rape to cops at the time because she was a medical student and felt embarrassed.

This is not the first time that Chris Brown has been involved in a legal matter along with violence towards women and his most high-profile violent act was reported when he assaulted Rihanna whom he was dating back in 2009. Chris assaulted RiRi just the night before the 2009 GRAMMYs after the two of them had a public altercation. Picture of her face and arms with bruises were leaked online after which Chris Brown pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge and completed his probation in March 2015.

The police report said, “Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his righthand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F.’smouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle. Brown looked at Robyn F. and stated, ‘I’m going to beat the sh– out of you when we get home! You wait and see!'” In his documentary, 'Welcome to my life, Chris Brown has addressed the incident and shared, "I felt like a f***ing monster. I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating. I just was getting high."

Chris Brown said, "I felt like a f***ing monster", on the entire incident with Rihanna. Image Source: IBT Times India 

In 2011, when Chris Brown was asked about the domestic abuse case during an interview with Robin Roberts for Good Morning America, he stormed off the set and broke the window of his dressing room. In 2013, Chris Brown was accused by Deanna Gines of shoving her to the ground and stated that she needed surgery following the incident as it left her with torn ligaments in her right knee. In 2015, during a video shoot in Colorado, a woman filed a report for a third-degree assault against the singer after she refused to give up her cell phone and Chris forcibly ejected her. She was not part of the shoot. In 2016, Chris Brown attacked his former manager Mike G. The tour manager Nancy Ghosh claimed that he had tried to threaten her as well after which she cut her ties with the singer.

In 2017, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend and actress Karrueche Tran obtained a restraining order against the singer after she claimed that Chris threatened her with violence. In 2019, Chris Brown was accused of raping a woman in Paris but no actions were taken and he was released without any charges.

Chris Brown has not yet commented on the alleged rape allegations but took to his Instagram to post a story, "I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN... whenever im releasing music or projects [sic]." The singer suggests that he is being sued because he is releasing new music. Diddy has also not yet commented on the allegation against Chris Brown.