Doja Cat clarifies her tweet and her decision to leave the music industry
by Ana Walia | Wed, 18 May 2022 20:44:51 GMT
Doja Cat is here to stay! For music. Image Source: Numero Magazine 

Doja Cat is here to stay! For music.

Singer Doja Cat shook the entire world in late March when she announced that she was quitting music after she was forced to cancel a show in Paraguay due to intense flooding. The Grammy winner received backlash from the fans who were expecting to hear her perform at the Asunciónico Festival, but due to unfortunate weather conditions, Doja Cat was forced to cancel the show along with The Foo Fighters and Machine Gun Kelly

Doja Cat did not post about the cancelation of the show on her social media and reportedly did not interact with the fans who were waiting for her outside the hotel in the middle of a storm, and some of them took to their social media and mentioned that the singer did not care about her fans in Paraguay and accused her of losing her humility, which went on to upset Doja Cat and she went on her Twitter to say that she is quitting music.

Doja Cat wrote at the time in response to a fan who wrote that about four years ago she started to achieve fame and all thanks to Tik Tok, so what has happened to her humility? Doja Cat replied that it's gone (humility), she does not care anymore, she quits and she cannot wait to disappear, and added that she does want her to believe in her anymore. The singer added to the answer that everything is dead to her, music is dead, and she is a fucking fool to even think that she was made for this and called the entire situation a fucking nightmare.

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After her tweets, the fans got worried about her future, especially after the fact that the singer had recently opened up about the pressure, intense schedule, and obligations she had to go through.

While appearing on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards 2022, Doja Cat was asked if she was joking or being serious about quitting music, and she said that she was not joking at the time when she sent out those tweets. She shared with E! News anchor Erin Rhodes that she only returned because she made music and she wants to keep making music, which the singer has not been able to do due to various obligations.

Doja asked Erin how she was supposed to make music when her time was occupied elsewhere but then revealed that she was taking a break and that her break would be spent making music, which she found amusing. She concluded that all she wants to do is make music and make people happy with her music. At the Billboard Music Awards 2022, Doja Cat won awards for the Top R&B album for her 2021 release, Planet Her, along with Top R&B female artists and Top R&B artists.

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When she was announced as the winner of the top R&B Album, the audience saw her take a sip of her drink and a quick puff on her vape. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight after the show, Doja shared that she needed to chug the drink because she was unaware of what was going on and had no idea if she’d win or not. She explained that she knew she was nominated, but her mind was on other things such as Janet Jackson being 10 feet away, Mary J Blige being 10 feet away, how long the show lasts, how long they have been there, and so on. Doja was shocked when her name was announced and she quickly took a sip and ran up to accept the award.

Doja Cat stunned the audience as she appeared on the red carpet of Billboard Music Awards 2022 in a black Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown featuring a below-the-bust corset and see-through nude tulle over the chest, covering her nipples with gold Agent Provocateur pasties. Doja Cat accessorized her look with gold ear-shaped earrings, toe-shaped shoes, and a purse in the shape of Saturn, nodding to her “Planet Her” album.