How did Clayton Echard feel after the split from Susie Evans?
by Ana Walia | Tue, 04 Oct 2022 10:25:56 GMT
Clayton Echard talks about his split with Susie Evans. Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet 

Clayton Echard talks about his split with Susie Evans.

Bachelor alum Clayton Echard, who recently announced his split from Susie Evans, in a joint statement, appeared on Podcast One’s Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe and shared about how he has been holding up since the breakup.

Clayton Echard said that it’s really hard for him because the first time they broke up, his initial feeling was that he felt abandoned and he was upset. He did not even want to look in Susie Evans' direction because he said that if he looked at her, it would just hurt him and tear him apart.

But Clayton Echard added that the resentment that he had towards her lasted like half a day and then he thought that he couldn’t do that anymore and admitted while talking to Kaitlyn that he thought about things like how he could not ignore her but he did not want to do this anymore and did not want them to end their relationship on a sour note. Clayton said that there was so much love between them that he wanted them to go their separate ways on happy terms, and that is when he apologized, and then the former couple was happy for a few days.

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They had second thoughts about their choice to break up since they were constantly crying and talking about how much fun they were having, according to The Bachelor, who also said that they were crying nonstop. Clayton also revealed that Susie Evans did contact him after they decided to part ways, which left him wondering what was ahead for them.

Clayton further added that he pondered whether the former couple could find a way to stay in touch without clinging to the hope that their relationship will succeed. He said that he doesn't want to be devastated and hang onto hope, and then suddenly it's not going to work, because if it doesn't work the second time, it just ruins everything.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans announced their breakup in a joint Instagram post last month as they wrote that with incredibly heavy hearts, they wish to say that they have made the decision to part ways and added that everyone who has ever loved will understand that this was a difficult choice to make. They continued by acknowledging that there would undoubtedly be many questions about this decision given that social media is a highlight reel and that many of the shared events have been kept private, but they are optimistic that most people will find this to be a good decision. While their final year together has been full of much happiness and joy, Susie and Clayton wrote in their post that there has also been a significant amount of grief.

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They went on to state that while they are aware that every successful relationship faces difficulties, they have learned that they were unprepared for the outside influences that hampered their ability to recover both separately and jointly. They both have a strong commitment to developing and being the best versions of themselves. They support one another and hope the other will eventually find happiness and healing, even though none of them is now having an easy time. The ex-couple went on to say that although Claysie was no longer together, they still wanted their communities to support them as they moved on in love and respect for one another expressing gratitude to everyone who had helped their relationship, Clayton and Susie closed their post by writing that it means so much more than the viewers could ever know.

In August, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans announced they'd be trying a long-distance relationship. There's no pressure, Clayton said at the time, and they've just opted to focus on loving one another and being grateful. They don't know whether their relationship will last for a month or a lifetime from here.