How did Tom Schwartz handle his split from Katie Maloney? Find out here.
by Ana Walia | Sat, 15 Oct 2022 19:35:28 GMT
Tom Schwartz shares his feelings. Image Source: The Knot News

Tom Schwartz shares his feelings.

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz appeared alongside ex-wife Katie Maloney at the second annual BravoCon fan event in New York City, where they spoke about their status update.

The former couple’s appearance was the first appearance in public since they finalized their divorce, and during the event, they spoke about how they have been doing since the news of their separation became headlines. Tom Schwartz said that the entire situation has been an emotional roller coaster for him and he revealed that like for the first few months after the couple separated, he was a sad sack of shit and thought that he was guilty of indulging in it a bit.

Tom went on to say that he became addicted to sadness and became EMO for a time, indulging in his pity party, but that he has since moved on from those feelings and that being at BravoCon lifted his spirits. He told US Weekly that he was basking in his new bachelor pad and didn't unpack for three months, but he was able to recognize it as a life experience after a while. He stated that he is looking forward to healing and that it is cathartic for him at present.

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Katie Maloney, on her part, said that she is doing well and great. The former couple was asked about their joint statement, and Katie said that they had to put out a joint statement stating that some rumors were going around and she just wanted to live in the truth and added that they had already shared so much of their lives online.

In the joint statement that was shared, Tom Schwartz expressed that the decision was hard on him, to which he said that it was a bummer because they got divorced and they were working through it and he was making peace with it and then when they had to go public with their decision, it just became tough and he mentioned how he could capture twelve years of a relationship in an Instagram post. In his post, Tom Schwartz mentioned that it was a decision that Katie Maloney took and he is just going to accept it because he would never want her to be with him and not be happy. 

At the time of the announcement, Katie Maloney said that she never thought she would have to announce this, but she feels it’s important to say since she is open about her life with the fans. She went on to say that after 12 years of being together and going through a lot adventures through life together, Tom Schwartz and she were calling it quits. She stated that the ending is not met with hostility or bad blood, that they have a lot of admiration for one another, which will always be the same, and that they will appreciate their friendship.

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Tom Schwartz, although did mention that he is always going to be the number one champion for Katie, said that he knows that she may not always feel that, but he is rooting for her and loves her. The cast members were asked about the situation among them with the announcement of their split, to which Tom Sandoval, who is not only Tom Schwartz’s best friend but business partner too, said that he felt like his mother and father were getting divorced.

Tom Sandoval said that he was really sad about it and would listen to music and cry about it sometimes in his car, adding that their separation was too much for him. Lala Kent shared that Katie Maloney and she are having the best time being single, adding that her face looks different and, as she mentioned, she is living her truth and they deserve to be happy. Lala said that it does not matter if a relationship is 12 years old or 5 years old, they deserve to be happy.

Ariana Madix shared that she feels like it’s ups and downs and sometimes when she sees Tom Schwartz he seems great and his normal self, but she is sure that he has some down times as well. She added that she cannot imagine what either of them is going through as they build a life together.

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During a recent episode of Dear Media’s, You’re Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz said that they are still hanging out, not in an unhealthy way, but they give each other respectable boundaries and they are still friends and check up on each other. Tom continued that he is happy that they are still close, adding that he thinks, relatively speaking, they have done a damn good job of divorcing each other. She also stated that they did hang out the other day and that he had posted on his story and then she reposted it, which she believes confused people. She continued that they do see each other, but they were family for many, many, many years and that's been a priority to them.