Jane Powell Passes Away At The Age Of 92
by Meenakshi | Sat, 18 Sep 2021 09:22:12 GMT
Image Source: Yahoo Movies Canada, PNG.com

Hollywood's Golden Age Musicals star Jane Powell passed away on Thursday. Jane Powell who is considered as one of the last stars alive from the Golden Age of Hollywood, died at the age of 92 at her Connecticut residence. Powell's close friend Susan Granger informed that the actress passed away because of natural causes. She said, "Jane was the most wonderful friend. She was candid and honest. You never asked Jane a question you didn’t want an honest answer to."

The veteran actress initially gained popularity when she was featured as a singer in a radio show in Portland, Oregon at the age of 5. Powell earned fame and popularity among the mainstream media and audience when she starred in films such as Three Daring Daughters, Holiday in Mexico, A Date With Judy, and Royal Wedding. The actress and singer then made her debut in 1944's Song of the Open Road with a follow-up of 1945's Delightfully Dangerous and 1948's A Date with Judy.

Source: Deadline

The actress married a total of five times including figures such as Anthony Steffen on 5th November 1949. Jane Powell had two children Gearhardt Steffen III and Suzanne Ilene Steffen from her first husband Gearhardt Anthony Steffen and a daughter named Lindsey Averill Nerney with her second husband Patrick W Berney. In 1960 she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Goran Blazesk from the Vintage news wrote as one that after featuring in the film 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Powell "secured herself a place in the history of classic musicals."

Powell in 2002 made her last screen appearance in an episode of the television series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” but the golden age actress was still making guest appearances in various concerts and even performed with Pink Martini band in September of 2010.