Vin Diesel walks late actor Paul Walker's daughter Meadow Walker down the aisle
by Ana Walia | Sat, 23 Oct 2021 12:48:46 GMT
Image Source: Popdiaries, Us Weekly

Meadow Walker is the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, who passed away on November 30th, 2013 in a car accident that took place in Santa Clarita, California, USA. She was only 15-years-old when Paul Walker passed away, and after his passing, Meadow started the Paul Walker Foundation in his memory.

The daughter of a late actor walked down the aisle on October 22nd, 2021and is now married to actor Louis Thornton-Allan. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony in the Dominican Republic, according to the reports posted by Vogue. Meadow took to her Instagram to share the news with the world by posting a 43-second video and with a caption, "We’re married!".

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In the video posted by Meadow Walker, the bride can be seen wearing a white wedding gown and hugging her father’s "Fast and Furious" co-stars Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster, while the groom Thornton-Allan can be seen wearing a tux. She posted another picture from the wedding where fans can see Vin Diesel walking Meadow down the aisle. Vin is Meadow’s godfather and walked the 22-year-old down the aisle in place of her late father.

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According to Vogue, the couple got married earlier this month in a beachside wedding in the Dominican Republic, but the ongoing coronavirus impacted their wedding plans. She told the magazine, "Louis’s family wasn’t able to attend. A lot of close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions." Meadow expressed her gratitude towards her aunt Paloma for planning the wedding with her.

Meadow Walker told Vogue, "We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal – and honestly it was easy and simple. Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration." Matthew Williams designed a custom Givenchy Haute Couture wedding dress for Meadow. She wore one to the ceremony and another "fun, youthful dress" at their New York celebration, days after they returned from the Dominican Republic.

The model mentioned, "I wanted something timeless, chic, and elegant. Matthew’s clear-cut and modern touch made it the perfect piece." Matthew Williams, the creative director of Givenchy shared with Vogue, "So I wanted to really let her personality shine through with the simplest, most modern of bridal gowns in silk cady, with a pure hourglass shape; a halter-neck; and an edgy, backless design anchored by a simple strap. We kept the train minimalistic. And the veil was so ethereal, it was barely there, which kept the focus on her beautiful eyes; face; and natural, statuesque glamour." According to the information provided by the Vogue, Meadow’s engagement ring was also custom-made by her dear friend, Eduardo Saggese, at Eclat Jewels, and she wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry to compliment her dress.

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The couple announced their engagement in August this year and showed off her diamond sparkler in a video posted on her Instagram. She shared in an interview with Vogue that while she was quarantining in Europe, as she had to stay back because of work, her boyfriend was in New York and this is the longest time they have spent apart from each other and they had missed each other. She recalled, "He flew to London to surprise me, and we quarantined together. After spending more time with his family in England, he couldn’t wait for the ring we had been thinking of designing and proposed with a ring I had been given on set that day. It was so sentimental and sweet. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way."

Vin Diesel and Meadow Walker have a unique relationship as in various interviews, the actor and Meadow’s godfather have spoken openly about their relationship. In an interview, he even admitted that she was the first person to wish him Happy Father's Day. "I have a strong protective instinct. It's more than just a movie." According to a source, US exclusive reported, “Since her father's passing in 2013, Meadow has relied on Diesel for support. She considers Vin and his children to be family and will chat to them on days when she's having trouble, and she has their backs as well.”

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Despite the fact that she has found a new family in Paul's absence, Meadow has maintained her relationship with her father. According to sources, "Meadow is incredibly proud of her father and goes out of her way to reply to individuals who write letters or express their admiration for him and his work. She pays respect to him on social media, keeps in touch with the people that mattered in his life, and generally follows his counsel while he was still alive."

Meadow believes her father is "looking down and protecting her from heaven," according to the source. In the Fast and Furious movie franchise, Paul played Brian O'Conner and in 2015, he made his final appearance in the franchise with Furious 7, which he was filming at the time of his death. Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto, Brian’s best buddy, while Jordana Brewster plays Mia Toretto, Brian’s lover.

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Jordana recently told ET that she might star in the action film franchise before it comes to a close. When asked if Meadow could be seen in the final two films, the actress said, "Of course, totally." "Yes, I believe so. That would be fantastic. We'll have to wait and see."

Ludacris recently discussed the potential of Meadow joining the franchise with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "She is a truly remarkable individual. I'd like to see her genetics because she has them. That's all I have to say about it. I am unable to confirm or deny. I've heard the rumors, too, but I know her personally, and she has a golden heart."

Meadow Walker at the premiere of Fast and Furious 9. Image Source: 96k Rock/Getty Images 

Meadow Walker recently walked the red carpet for the Fast and Furious 9’s premiere, which was attended by Vin and other members of the film's main ensemble. Meadow's presence at the premiere has fueled speculation that she will appear in one of the franchise's forthcoming installments.