What do we know about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's wedding plans?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 26 Mar 2022 21:35:35 GMT
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Image Source: Marie Claire 

Planning a wedding is a task!

Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker, and Megan Fox, a newly engaged couple, announced their engagement in January 2022 by sharing a video and pictures of their dreamy proposal from Puerto Rico are looking forward to plan a dark gothic themed wedding. 

Colson Baker popped the question by having a personalized engagement ring feature both of their birthstones: emerald and diamond. Megan Fox took to her social media to share the proposal and captioned it beautifully in her own Megan Fox way. Talking about the engagement ring, which is super creative and unique in its way, as Colson described, it has thorns and when she tries to take it off, it hurts.

In an interview with Vogue, jeweler Stephen Webster said about Machine Gun Kelly that he wanted to give his lady love something unique and meaningful to both of them, and the engagement ring he had chosen to propose with was possibly the most romantic story he had had the chance to work with.

According to sources, the couple, who are twin flames, are not exactly in a rush to tie the knot but are now starting to engage in the planning of the wedding and would love to get married next year if they can get things according to their preferences. The sources close to the couple shared that they want a wedding that is very much them, extravagant and dark.

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Colson Baker and Megan Fox are not exactly traditional types of people, and they would prefer to have a wedding that reflects who they truly are rather than putting on a show for the public. The sources revealed that Megan Fox has even thought about the color of her wedding dress, which is either colored or black.

They talk about their kids, who will be involved in the wedding as well, as they are a huge part of their lives. Megan Fox shares three boys—Noah, Bodhi, and Journey—with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, while Colson Baker has a daughter, Casie Baker, whom he shares with ex-Emma Cannon.

The sources have mentioned that the two of them really try to understand each other in the best way possible, and now that they have spent a lot of time together, they have realized that they both have very similar tastes and interests. Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are smitten by each other and have a solid relationship. In their interviews and in general, they have been very supportive and appreciative of each other.

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Colson Baker, who appeared on The Late Late Show in February, mentioned to James Corden that they were looking for the perfect spot that would fulfill his artist vision for their special day. He explained that he would love to have a venue where they have a red river and gothic-themed elements.

Machine Gun Kelly recently released his new album, "Mainstream Sellout," and fans are talking about one particular song, "Twin Flame," that depicts the story of his and Megan Fox’s whirlwind romance and the things that Megan told him on their first day together. It’s like the song is an ode to Megan Fox and their love story. Megan Fox has mentioned that Machine Gun Kelly is her twin flame and she knew it the day she met him. It was also reported that Colson's daughter Casie and best friend Pete Davidson have also featured in the album 

Machine Gun Kelly also recently performed his set at La Mision Hotel Boutique’s entrance after his performance was called off at the 2022 Asuncionico Festival due to weather conditions. The artist posted on his social media that the fans have paid for the show and they will get a show and fans appreciated his gesture. 

The couple recently adopted a Bengal cat named Whiskey and introduced their fans and followers to it.