What do we know about the feud between Liam Payne and Justin Bieber?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 01 Jun 2022 12:20:39 GMT
Liam Payne at the Logan Paul's 'ImPaulsive' podcast show. Image Source: The Independent 

Liam Payne says that he and Justin Bieber are not on the same level.

Liam Payne, who was recently in the news because of his sudden breakup with model and fiancé Maya Henry and moving on with Aliana Mawla, is back in the news after he made a statement regarding Justin Bieber during his appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast "ImPaulsive."

During his appearance on the podcast on May 31st, Liam Payne commented that he does not think he would fight Justin Bieber in a celebrity match because Justin Bieber would not do it, but admitted that Justin Bieber would be very skilled. Liam also added that for the same reason, he would not fight rapper Trippie Redd either and said that he is not on his level.

Logan Paul asked Liam Payne to elaborate on his statement to which he did Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s notorious character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, impersonation. Logan Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak called Liam Payne out, stating that he’s pretending to be someone else again, which Liam Payne does when he gets into certain situations. Instead, Liam Payne did not respond to the call out but did another impersonation to continue to avoid the question of Justin Bieber’s level.

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Liam Payne did address his beef with Justin Bieber that started in 2015 when the One Direction alum responded to a tweet that came from Ariana Grande's fan asking Liam Payne if it was depressing for him to know that he would never be able to reach the success of Justin Bieber, to which Liam responded that how many times does he have to be arrested? One Direction later released their album "Made in the A.M." and Justin Bieber released "Purpose" on the same day, and Justin Bieber went on to post a story on Snapchat stating that the face (scared face) you make when you come out with an album on the same day as Justin Bieber is uncanny.

According to sources, the One Direction boys thought at the time that the video was funny and they decided to play off of each other and did not take it as a feud.

These comments did cause a feud between the Beliebers and the Directioners for a long time. (Maybe it is still lying there somewhere). He did not mean anything by it. Liam Payne said on the podcast that he was wasted when he commented on Justin Bieber’s troubled past and his arrests. The singer said that someone compared him to Justin Bieber and what he replied was not to offend Justin Bieber but to the one who commented, but it all got messed up, and added that this is where things can go wrong if you start a fight on social media for no reason.

Liam Payne explained that after the comment, it started a beef about how he was a smooth criminal who did not get arrested for anything. The singer said that later, everybody started getting on the edge like they might see each other at award shows, and they were boys in a band and he was a boy not in a band, so it made sense that we should hate each other, right? Liam Payne went ahead to blame the Beliebers and Directioners for pushing the feud narrative between the two of them.

The Strip That Down singer also clarified that he did go up to Justin Bieber to clear the air while they were at an award show and said that he knocked on his door and went ahead to chat with him. Liam explained that he admitted to Justin Bieber that he had done the same things as him but he was never caught doing them secondly he said that he told Justin Bieber that he had always really felt for him and added that the situation is what everyone suffers from the same diseases. Liam added that he said to Justin that when he looks at his boys and he turns left and right, he’s got someone who’s going through exactly what he has gone through. Liam added that he knows in his camp, it’s just him and there’s no one like him. You can’t turn around and have that shoulder.

Liam Payne added that although he does not think that he would fight Justin Bieber and added that he has massive respect for the singer. Logan Paul mentioned that he’d like to witness Justin Bieber vs. Liam Payne to which he said that Justin Bieber could hold his own. Justin Bieber has not yet responded to any of the comments made during the podcast.