Who is 2021 Miss USA: Here are five things about the beauty with brains
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 30 Nov 2021 16:35:38 GMT
Image Source: DeviantArt, Indiatimes

America just crowned its latest Miss USA winner for the year! The 70th beauty pageant held for the title of 2021 Miss USA winner this year was won by the stunning beauty, Elle Smith. The live pageant was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the winner was crowned on November 29. Here is everything you need to know about the beautiful lady who got to wear the crown this year!

The pageant winner had previously been titled Miss Kentucky and now, Elle Smith gets to be the Miss USA 2021. The lady was crowned during the live TV premiering of the event, which was organized at the glamorous venue of Paradise Cove Theater of River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa, OK. 

The star of the day, aged 23, is extremely pleased and thrilled to have won the esteemed title. The competition this year was especially cutthroat and intense as the women competed for the Miss USA title with competitors coming from each state of the country. However, Elle prevailed in the tough competition becoming the latest winner of the title. The lady is a hustler, who has eagerly taken to her role as the present face of Miss USA and will also be stepping up to take over her duties as her role demands for her. 

She will also be representing the United States of America in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant. The fast-approaching beauty contest will be held in Eilat, Israel the coming month. So, before Miss USA takes over the competition again to lead her nation in the drawing pageant, here is everything you need to know about the brilliant beauty. 

Elle Is From Germantown, Kentucky.

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Elle has now become the first woman from Germantown, Kentucky to have seized the world-renowned title of Miss USA after first bagging the award for Miss Kentucky. For a long time stretching from 2015 to 2020, the Miss USA winners have all hailed from Louisville. Hence, marking a change this year, Elle grabbed the crown and hence made her hometown, Germantown, and her state proud with her win. 

The lady had finished her education by graduating from the University of Kentucky's School of Journalism and Media last year in May 2020. The graduation earned her a bachelor's degree as now the lady can pursue a career in broadcast journalism apart from her political science minor as revealed by CONAN Daily. 

She’s Worked As A Reporter. 

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Elle has managed a strong winning streak for a long time and before she entered the respected beauty pageant, Elle ran a successful running career as the vice president of the UK's National Association of Black Journalists chapter. WHAS11 reported that she has also been a reporter for the UK Students News Network along with being a videographer for UK Athletics and SEC Network. Later Elle worked as a reporter at the WHAS11 News as of October 2020. WHAS11 is an ABC-affiliated television channel that is commissioned to Louisville. 

Talking about her time before landing the job at WHAS11, the lady shared that she was of the mind to shift to Lexington, Kentucky. In her March 2021 post that she shared on Instagram, she revealed that she had decided to waitress to make ends meet but was then luckily offered the job for the news channel. Her post read, "Fun Fact: Four months after graduation...I didn’t have a job. I had applied to over 60 stations. I had covered protests to keep my reel updated. I had gotten my reel critiqued by people in the business...but no one was offering me anything."

Sharing that she decided not to give up what kept pushing ahead, Elle shared, "So I told myself if I couldn’t get a reporting job, I would head back to Lexington to waitress until I got a job offer. So on September 28th, I packed my bags and started driving to Lexington. I had been driving for about an hour when my phone rang and my current boss called me to offer the position in Louisville."

Sharing her disbelief and happiness at landing the job, Elle continued, "I still have no idea how I landed this job but six months later I am grateful to be in this position. (S/O Jesus) I am surrounded by a powerful team of strong, creative journalists who push me to better each day. Here is to more continued growth 🙌🏽"

Elle Was Crowned Miss Kentucky At Her First Ever Pageant.

Not everyone gets lucky to go winning pageants in their first-ever tries but apart from the fact that Elle did put behind a lot of thought and effort into her pageant preparation the lady got lucky to get her hands on the crown on her first try at a pageant event. Elle competed in the competition for the first time ever winning the title of Miss Kentucky during the pageant competition of 2021 Miss Kentucky this year in May 2021.

Making history, Elle's win comes as a record-making achievement making her only the second woman from the state of Kentucky to ever win the Miss USA pageant. Before her, it was Tara Conner who made history by becoming the first pageant holder from Kentucky to win the Miss USA title. Sharing her inspiration behind getting into the pageant competition, Elle shared that she draws great motivation from African American and Polish American Cheslie Kryst, the attorney who won the Miss USA pageant in 2019. 

Stating that she is taking her duty as the face of America very seriously, and would definitely work to better things with the power invested in her platform, Elle said, “Seeing someone confident in herself, confident in her abilities and just seeing a Black woman who knows her strengths and weaknesses…it’s a powerful thing,” referring to Cheslie, as reported by WHAS11.

The lady is never fazed by critics and people speaking against pageants.

Addressing that criticism that pageants usually have to put up with as people accuse these competitions to highlight mere outer beauty, Elle said that this is not all the pageants are about. Talking with WHAS11 and debunking the myth of the people's perceptions about beauty competitions, Elle said, “There’s always going to be people who think pageants exploit people, that they only show brainless beauties.” She added, “When I’m walking in a swimsuit, I’m showing the hard work that I do every single day to have a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. I would disagree with anyone who says you can’t be professional and wear a swimsuit.”

She Appears To Have A Boyfriend.

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While it is a bit hazy yet, but as things appear to be, it looks like Elle Smith has a boyfriend. The lady shared a very sweet picture with a man on her Instagram account who is yet unidentified. From her captions, she usually shares when she posts pictures with the man, it can be positively gleaned that the two definitely have something going with each other. In a few of her recent posts with the man, she had captioned their images, “Look how the whole world is searching but I found mine 🤎” and another was paired with “Ain’t nothing changed here 🤎.”