Why didn't Barry kill Gene in Barry season 3?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 05 May 2022 07:10:33 GMT
Barry goes through an emotional roller coaster in season 3; Credits: The Wrap

Barry has been going through many ups and downs this season in the titular show "Barry". The hitman has now changed his career to being an actor, but things turn a little too dark when he once again loses control over his emotions and goes ballistic. 

His girlfriend Sally, played by Sarah Goldberg, is on the receiving end of his anger, and to make matters worse, the anger explosion is an extremely terrible public occurrence. Sally goes utterly shocked and then there is the matter of Elise Fischer's character trying to make sense of things. 

Elise's character sees how things are for Sally and warns her that she has once again started dating abusive men as he saw her texts with Barry. Talking about what it was like to see the public fallout between Barry and Sally, Hader told TheWrap that the team of the show felt that Barry is someone who would yell at Sally. 

They were trying to figure out what could be the ultimate move by Barry that would lead to fallout and while some writers thought that he could hit her, it was the public scene of disgrace that struck everyone. The scene showed the ultimate issues expanded between the two of them and how they would move onwards from that moment. 

Hence, they went on to add the scene where Fischer's character is worried about Sally, and the writers portrayed that the things were not simply solvable for Sally and Barry. The new character Katie, played by Elie Fischer, so easily picked up on what Barry is like. It makes the audience wonder about in what light to see it when it comes to Barry. 

The co-creator of the show, Bill Hader, talked about the scene of the behavioral change in the titular character and how he is coping with things. His most notable change is that he does not kill Gene when he has never had much difficulty in killing off people.

They also talked about Alison Jones returning as the casting director on the series and how things are moving so quickly in the third season of the show.  

the decision to not kill Gene is one of the first and most shocking things that Barry has done on the show. He has never hesitated to kill other people and with Gene, it seems like he wants to get him a part as an actor and earn his forgiveness. It is definitely a new quality to Barry, who otherwise solves things with murder.

The creator of the show stated that he thinks Barry loves Gene and has come to care for him. it's more like Gene is the new Chris for him and he doesn't want to kill Gene. The two other people that he truly cares about are Cousineau and Sally. 

So, when he meets Gene, he really does not know what he wants to do with him. His motives are entirely selfish and in the end, he reaches the point where he actually puts a gun to Gene's head. 

In those last moments, Barry gets a little emotional and starts saying his final goodbye. He thanks him for all the work he has done for him and while that was the initial script, the editor and the creator thought it didn't feel much like Barry. 

Barry is not the one to perfectly lay out his thoughts. Hence, they decided to end the dialogue there. Yet, killing Gene was never his idea; it was more about how he wanted to earn his forgiveness. 

The scene actually shows his journey from the point where he does not believe in forgiveness and then one day in his film he comes to a point where he wants Gene to forgive him. Gene is fearless and commands Barry to earn forgiveness. 

He understands that he wants to do better and that is a renewed motivation in his life. He learns that he wants to prove himself to his art teacher. 

The scene of Barry and Sally's fight is rolled out from Katie's point of view and how she saw Sally putting up with Barry's explosion in the writer's room. The scene seemed incredibly under control as Sally was happy, joking with a writer and Barr comes and joins them and then out of nowhere, they are dealing with his anger. 

They were all together having fun when they realized that Barry was really serious and that he had gotten mad. The sudden realization was a punch to the gut for Sally and soon the scene changed from a happy gathering of friends to a warzone between Sally and Barry.

Synopsis of Barry

Barry is a hitman who learned to leave his older profession behind and start work as a target and yet is still on the lookout for his next victim. But, his acting life totally intrigues him and he decides that he will be a full-time actor and decides to stop killing for money.