Why is Emily Ratajkowski pissed off with Netflix's "Blonde"?
by Ana Walia | Mon, 03 Oct 2022 13:34:55 GMT
Emily Ratajkowski has some thoughts about "Blonde." Image Source: Glamour

Emily Ratajkowski has some thoughts about "Blonde."

Actress-model Emily Ratajkowski took to her social media to share her views on the recently released Netflix film, "Blonde," starring actress Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Emily Ratajkowski said that the movie fetishized female suffering.

Emily Ratajkowski clarified that while she has not herself seen the movie yet, but the conversation that circled the movie had her interest and said that she is not surprised to hear it’s yet another movie fetishizing female pain, even in death, and mentioned that although it has been done in many, many different ways, she still hopes that to change.

Blonde is a fictionalized story of the late Marilyn Monroe that navigates her life in Hollywood and her grueling experiences living through it. The movie is made in a provocative surreal way to depict what Marilyn Monroe might have been going through internally at the time or what might have led to her decision to commit suicide at the age of 36.

Emily Ratajkowski compares how Marilyn Monroe was treated at the time to the women who have suffered similar treatment from the media in the modern era. She said one could see how Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, or Princess Diana’s death and the ways of being treated in the public eye cited the way the audience and media obsess over serial killers and shows that depict them. The actress-model said that she can say for herself that she has learned how to fetishize her pain and her hurt in life so that it feels like something can be tended to.

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Emily Ratajkowski continued that it is kind of sexy but added that what is kind of hard to fetishize is anger. So, the model said that she has a proposal. She thinks that everyone needs to be a little pissed off and she is going to be in her bitch era 2022. Emily said that she is done with the fetishization of female pain and suffering and recommended to her followers the books "Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain" by Leslie Jamison and "Dead Girls" by Alice Bolin.

The model, who is rumored to be dating Brad Pitt, declared that the movie will make her angry and that it offers nothing new. A day before Emily stated that they would not be watching the film, Courtney Stodden revealed their decision. Courtney claimed it was disrespectful because she knows what it's like to be sexually exploited and then has people treat you like a joke when you're not.

Courtney also persuaded others not to see the film by pointing out that they would not be seeing Marilyn Monroe on screen, that it was not her narrative, and that it was only a fictionalized portrayal of her to make her seem more appealing than she never wanted to be.

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Earlier, actor Adrien Brody spoke to The Hollywood Reporter during the Venice Film Festival premiere to defend the movie from the criticism it received by stating that the movie is meant to be a traumatic experience as it is told in the first person perspective and the audience gets to get inside her mind, her journey, longing, and her isolation as well, amidst all of the adulations. The actor mentioned that "Blonde" is brave and it takes a while to digest, and he thinks it conflicts with how and what way the public perceives Marilyn Monroe as.

Adrien Brody, who plays Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe's third husband, further said that the themes of the movie are based on the extreme chasm between the public's perception of the fame and the glory of Hollywood's most famous and iconic actor, and the reality of that individual, the loneliness and emptiness, the mental turmoil and abuse of that individual. The actor called Andrew Dominik’s storytelling "fearless filmmaking." The actor said that he understood where Andrew was going with the story. He also added to Andrew that he is a beautifully brave director and he is someone Adrien has longed to work with and described his work as a remarkable achievement. Adrien also praised the actress, calling her "brilliant".

"Blonde" is streaming now on Netflix.