Why is NE-YO's wife Crystal Renay heartbroken and disgusted?
by Ana Walia | Mon, 01 Aug 2022 10:05:13 GMT
Crystal Renay accuses NE-YO of cheating. Image Source: Complex 

Crystal Renay accuses NE-YO of cheating.

NE-YO’s wife, Crystal Renay, took to her social media to share that she is ending her marriage with the musician as he has been unfaithful to her in their marriage.

Crystal said it has been 8 years of lying and deceit, sharing her life and her husband with multiple women who sold their bodies to him unguarded; every single one of them. The message went on to explain that asking her to remain and accept it is absurd and that she is devastated and disgusted, adding that this is the mindset of a narcissist. After claiming that she chose herself, her happiness, health, and respect, Crystal continued by saying that she is no longer going to lie to the public or pretend that this is something that it is not.

Crystal Renay shared that the relationship with NE-YO brought her nothing but grief and the three lovely children Shaffer Chimere Jr., Roman Alexander-Raj, and Isabella Rose. Crystal Renay asked her followers to abstain from providing her evidence of NE- YO's infidelity saying that she is not the victim and that she no longer cares what NE-YO does. Madilyn and Mason are also shared by NE-YO and his ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw.

Crystal Renay mentioned in the caption that she is choosing to stand tall with her head held high, adding that if someone cannot love you the way you deserve, then it’s up to you to love yourself. NE-YO’s wife, now ex, concluded that, with no hate in her heart, she wishes him nothing but the best for the future.

Screenshot of the Crystal Renay's post. Image Source: People 

A day after Crystal Renay shared a post on her social media, NE-YO shared a response on his Twitter account stating that, for the sake of the children, his family, and himself, they will work through their challenges behind closed doors. The musician added that personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums and concluded that he simply asked everyone to please respect him and his family’s privacy at this tough time.

After being married in 2016, NE-YO and Crystal Renay have decided to rekindle their vows in April 2022 at a red-themed Las Vegas party. Following the couple's announcement that their marriage will end in February 2020, they got married again. A month later, they were back together, and on New Year's Eve 2020, he proposed to Crystal once more.

After the vow renewal, NE-YO discussed the pandemic's impact on his relationship with Crystal Renay in an interview with People Everyday Podcast with Janine Rubenstein. The pair did reach a darker moment, according to NE-YO, but he said that they are currently in a better place than they were before.NE-YO claimed that they had improved their ability to truly hear one another, to take a minute to breathe, and assess if the feeling they were attempting to elicit is the appropriate one for the circumstances.

He said that daily effort is needed for these things. Marriage involves daily work, and that's kind of what it is, even though it's not easy and it's extremely simple to relapse into old behaviors. The workload isn't so onerous if the individual is worth it.

In June, NE-YO spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how his latest album’s lead single, "Don’t Love Me," was an open letter to his wife about the time when their marriage was on the rocks. The singer revealed that when she first heard the song, it brought back memories of their relationship at the time he composed it. He described it as a sad moment since he wrote the song when they were considering getting a divorce. He was attempting to tell her that he couldn't be who she deserved, according to NE-YO, who also noted that once he discovered what he wanted and who he needed to be for her, "boom, we're in a wonderful position." NE-YO concluded that the song was an open letter for him trying to cop out.