Cardi B talks about her 'spiritual like' community service
by Ana Walia | Mon, 27 Feb 2023 19:48:37 GMT
Cardi B talks about her community service. Image Source: Vanity Fair 

Cardi B talks about her community service.

Rapper Cardi B took to her social media account to share how her court-mandated community service has been an unexpected spiritual journey for her.

Cardi stated that community work is the most wonderful thing that has occurred to her and that it is somewhat of a spiritual journey for her because she often leaves these facilities in tears. The rap artist went on to say that the people who are left behind in these centers simply need a person to talk to and an occasional push and that individuals can make a difference or change in their lives to improve them.

In her 2018 strip club brawl case, the rapper agreed to a plea bargain and agreed to plead guilty to the third-degree attack and reckless endangerment, both misdemeanor charges, in September 2022. She was initially charged with 12 counts, including two felonies, but as part of her plea deal, the remaining ten allegations were dropped and she was sentenced to 15 days of voluntary work.

Cardi B has been ordered to remain away from the two victims for three years, according to the decision. Cardi B said at the time that she took the plea deal to hold herself responsible; being able to take responsibility for her actions is part of growing up and maturing.

She went on to say that as a mother, it is a custom she is attempting to instill in her children, but she acknowledges that the example begins with her and that she's made a few mistakes in her life that she is not willing to acknowledge or own up to because these choices do not characterize her and do not represent the type of person she is now. Cardi B asserted that she is excited about moving on from her family situation and returning to what she appreciates most: music and her fans.

Cardi B attended an NYPD "Girls Talk" event at the Queens police training academy and communicated her "rags to riches" story, danced with teenagers, and posed for photos. She said to them that according to her there are so many people that probably make one feel like, this is what's cool; this is what's going on; this is what it requires to be lit; this is the way it takes to be on fire, etc. Cardi B told her young audience that sometimes there is quite a bit of peer pressure but they should not fall for it asking them if they understand what she is trying to say and reminding them that they are fantastic and doing great and they should keep doing that.

Some people, including a retired police lieutenant, questioned as to if Cardi B was a suitable role model for children, citing her occasionally provoking lyrics, criminal history, and previous acceptance that she doped and swindled men while continuing to work as a stripper before being famous.

Cardi B has been documenting and updating her fans about her community service in one of the post while on her way to the police academy, the multi-platinum-selling artist and mother of two describe having to get up early to do volunteer work before going to the music studio, but she added that she had committed the crime and the only person she can blame is herself.

According to law enforcement sources, Cardi B has been working hard on her community service, having worked at a church, a high school, and a couple of notable organizations in and around NYC, including the Fortune Society and the Samaritan Village. She has only a few days left to complete it, and she appears to be on track.

The Queens District Attorney's Office revealed to ET that the judge granted Cardi expansions until March 1 to complete her 15 hours of court-ordered community service. The details of the musician's community service will not be revealed. Once she completes her community service, her legal team will submit the confirmation of her hours to the court.