Emmy Raver-Lampman talks about starring in Blacklight, Umbrella Academy and Central Park
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 15 Feb 2022 16:33:33 GMT
Image Source: UPI, ardwatalab.net

Emmy Raver-Lampan, the actress seen on Blacklight, Umbrella Academy, and Central Park, is enjoying the prime of her career, starring in the coolest films and series. In her recent action thriller film with Mark Williams and Liam Neeson, she stars as a reporter looking to find the inside details on the story of the FBI agent working on a case. 

Beginning her interview with Collider, Ravel-Lampman shared that if someone is new to her works and wants to get introduced to her genius, they should probably begin with a video of her that her mom made of her when she was a child and was dancing on a coffee table. 

"If my mom still has it, I have quite a collection of home videos of me standing on my coffee table at home, in my childhood home, dancing and singing for anyone and whoever would watch. And I would want people to watch that because that is the child that helped me grow into the woman that I am," she explained. 

"My parents, in moments like that, knew that I had this love of music and this love of putting on a costume and being able to transform into somebody else and performing, and I never ever had any, sort of, stage fright. Those are really informative videos about how I have ended up where I've ended up. And just a glimpse into the past, there's so much to learn from where people started."

From being a child rockstar dancing her heart out on tables to an actress who got to star with Liam Neeson has turned out to be a profound experience for her, even more so for her friends who rejoiced in her success. Talking about a friend who completely went bonkers when he saw her in Blacklight's trailer, Raver-Lampman shared, "My friend, Jonathan, we've just always stayed in touch, and he is a lifelong friend from that experience, and when he saw the trailer for Blacklight come out a couple of weeks ago, he lost his mind." 

She said that she is very grateful for the experience and her friend, who was completely overjoyed to see her in the trailer of the film. In fact, he was so happy that it was contagious to be around his excitement, and in turn, the actress herself was very happy. Being friends with Jonathan, a Liam Neeson fan through and through, and then going on to star with the actor made her feel over the moon. 

Further talking about her experience of having worked with the actor, Raver-Lampman shared that it is incredible to see him perform his stunts and especially 'punch people in the face.' As she worked with Neeson, the actress realized that the actor "actually loves doing these stunts, and he works really, really hard with our stunt team and our fight coordinator."

But that is not all of the best qualities of the actor. He is one of the top-most names in the industry also for his skill and brilliance when it comes to acting. "He's also really endearing, and he's an incredible actor. There's also soul and these deeply grounded choices that are coming along with his incredible ability to pull off these stunts and perform them himself," said Raver-Lampman. "I think it's a combination of a lot of things, but I definitely think it's the fact that he's such an incredible actor, and he's just really endearing as on camera and off."

Though The Umbrella Academy star very much appreciates doing stunts and taking part in the action sequences, there is not much fighting to fall her way in Blacklight. Yet, working with the talented actors on the shoots itself was very exciting in its own right. On the other hand, she said that she gets to play a lot of action scenes in Umbrella Academy and has to continuously perform with her stunt choreographer and fight coordinator. 

The fight scenes also required her to have constant training sessions, including wire time where she worked using harnesses. Still, it was just as exciting to watch the actors perform their stunts in Blacklight while she watched from 'the sidelines.' It helped her see things from a different perspective and helped her learn things that she might not have understood if she was in the midst of the action chaos. 

Talking about her role as a reporter in the film, Raver-Lampman shared that her act was inspired by her father, who was a journalist. Hence, she was always privy to the mannerisms of a journalist and knew how to act in the film. 

"My dad still has mannerisms that are leftover from his life as a journalist, and as a reporter, and as a writer. The way that he asks questions and the way that conversations go with my dad, it's very much coming from a journalist's perspective of getting the story and getting as much information as you can," she explained. 

The inside knowledge of her father's job also was the reason that she was selected for the role after the auditions. "I actually used my dad as a lot of my inspiration, which is why when I read the script and when I met with Mark, the director, and the writer, and when I auditioned, it's like I immediately felt connected to her because I just understand that mentality so profoundly because of my dad."

The actress also talked about what it is like to star at Umbrella Academy. The series is very guarded about its script, and there is only so much that they allow the cast members to learn. "They don't share anything with us. They hold all of their cards really close to their chest. But I also think a little bit of that is by design, but I also think a little bit of that is because Steve is also wanting to pay homage to the source material and to Gerard and to the graphic novels," she revealed.

She added, "The further we get into The Umbrella Academy, the TV show, I think it's finding its own way. It's finding its own route, which is exciting. I feel like we start every season, and I never really have any idea where it's going."

The show escalated into exciting twists and turns as it proceeded into its third season from season 2 and reached a very interesting cliffhanger. Talking about how that part made her feel. she shared, "I was just excited because it feels like there's some epic rivalry that's about to happen. And I think The Umbrella Academy, they've never truly been matched before. They struggle, and they have their moments, but that's all exciting, and you never know if they're going to rise to the top."

Emmy replaced Kristen Bell to voice Molly in Central Park; Credits: Deadline

In the end, she shared what her favorite music is From Central Park. "The soundtrack, you can also just download that wherever you download music and listen to all of the songs separately. And they're all bops in and of themselves. But I think paired with the show, I just think they're brilliant," she said. "Everyone is an artist at what they do. It's hard to pick a favorite. I just think you have to start at the top."