Everything to know about Doctor Strange end credit scenes
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 07 May 2022 18:15:24 GMT
Doctor Strange opened up with a bash this weekend; Credits" The Direct

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has brought forward an abundance of crazy debuts to the Marvel Universe. The film stars a whole star-cast ensemble of superheroes that Marvel takes pride in along with newly added characters that would shape the Studio's portrayal in the future. 

The story is focused on Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and is directed by Sam Raimi. Following a world with an open portal to interdimensional realities, where Strange will have to fight the Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, with the help of America Chavez, played by Xochitl Gomez, and Wong, played by Benedict Wong. 

Strange and America head into the multiple universes that the portal opened a passage into and come across many familiar people from the Marvel universe, both friendly and otherwise. The best of the appearances are set for the end of the film and will totally keep you hooked to the screen, considering there is no way you could breathe without seeing things through. 

Doctore Strange in Multiverse of Madness features two different end credit scenes and both feature big-name stars from the superhero world. The first superhero changes the fate of the multiverse to an immense degree with his cameo. 

The end credit scene begins with Doctor Strange stepping onto the New York City streets where he meets a superhero, Charlize Theron. The hero comes dressed in a purple superhero suit and will be playing Clea, another powerful figure from the comics. 

She approaches Strange headfirst and lets him know that though he has created the big mess that the portal into the other worlds is, they will together fix it. Strange is surprised to see he as he does not know who she is, but it looks like she knows him too quite well. They then together walk through a portal and head towards their next adventure.

The film also introduces another concept of the Marvelverse when it comes to the strange worlds of Doctor Strange. The most shocking of the concepts featured in the narration is an incursion, a term used by Marvel where if someone interferes with space and time, two universes could come crashing into each other and collapse. 

Hence, it is shown that an alternate version of Doctor Strange tries to better things by defeating Thanos as he plays into the steps of incursion and causes a crash. Therefore, the Illuminati decide to punish him and sentence him to death.

Now, it would be interesting to see which exact problem from the Multiverse of Madness will Clea help Doctor Strange fight with and which universe they are next headed to. And yet, it remains obvious that things are not looking pretty for Doctor Strange. 

Going back to the character of Clea, the superhero is not actually a tentpole figure in the Marvel Universe. She was first introduced to the comic world of the superhero verse when she was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, back in the year 1964. 

She is known to be a powerful wielder when it comes to the magic of the Dark Dimension and just like Doctor Strange is also known by the name of Sorcerer Supreme. Clea is the niece of Domammuu. one of the biggest villains to be featured in a Doctor Strange movie, whom Stephen had tried to appease.

The comics show that Stephen and Clea go through a lot together and that she is exceptionally strong when it comes to having an ally. The two fall in love in the comic. 

There is not much revealed about the relationship between Clea and Strange in the latest film, but it is still fascinating to see Theron cast as one of the new superhero characters in the Marvel universe. The actress has already starred in other big-name franchise productions like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Fate of the Furious and has also won an Oscar for her enchanting performances. 

It would be some time before Theron might get to come back in a Marvel production, but she is definitely to feature in the next Doctor Strange film after Multiverse of Madness. Until then, the end credit scenes mark her special addition to the Marvel Studio. 

The second end-credit scene brings in a fun cameo that can usually be expected from a Sam Raimi film. The second scene features Bruce Campbell, a permanent collaborator with the director, and was seen in Multiverse of Madness as a pizza vendor known as the Pizza Poppa. The pizza is actually bite-sized in the alternate universe instead of the regular triangular slices we mortals are used to. 

Strange and Campbell battle in a face-off with Strange hexing Campbell to punch himself in the face. The curse finally wears down slowly and Campbell finds himself not punching him anymore. 

Campbell and Raimi have been together for a long time now and first came together in the Evil Dead franchise and also appeared in the Spider-Man films directed by the filmmaker. It is kind of obvious that Campbell will again make an appearance in a Raimi movie if the director comes back to helm a production with Marvel.