Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial: Morgan Night testifies that Amber Heard's yelling at Johnny Depp was 'triggering'
by Ana Walia | Wed, 25 May 2022 20:57:22 GMT
Morgan Night is the former owner of the trailer camp in Hicksville. Image Source: Independent 

Johnny Depp’s team had called upon Morgan Night to testify, who is the former owner of the trailer camp in Hicksville, near Joshua Tree, California, where, according to Amber Heard’s testimony, Johnny Depp became jealous when some woman hugged her.

The Hicksville trailer camp is the same place where, according to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp did a cavity search on her private parts while looking for his cocaine and then stated that he trashed the trailer. But Morgan Night, during his testimony, said that it was Amber Heard who was acting jealous and crazy because Johnny Depp was having a conversation with people who were there and not spending time with her.

Morgan Night mentioned that when the former couple arrived, Johnny Depp seemed very excited about the place and complimentary, while Amber Heard was mostly quiet. As the evening went on, Morgan and Johnny Depp started to talk about books and music; Amber Heard interjected their conversation and seemed annoyed. He recalled another incident when he overheard Amber Heard yelling at Johnny Depp and mentioned that triggered him.

Morgan clarified that Amber Heard’s yelling was triggering to him because he had been in an emotionally abusive relationship as well and also mentioned that after she was done yelling, Morgan witnessed Johnny Depp cowering and almost afraid, and he went quieter after that. The witness said that Johnny Depp apologized to him for Amber Heard’s yelling and added that Amber Heard seemed intoxicated. It was also revealed during his testimony that Morgan had heard a commotion in Johnny Depp and Amber Heards’ trailer and the next day he was made aware that there was some damage done to the home and on asking what damages were done he said he just found a light fixture to be damaged unlike what Amber Heard testified.

Judge Penney Azcarate asked Morgan Night about how much of the trial he had seen, to which he responded, just one clip about the trailer park, and was allowed to testify. Elaine Bredehoft asked him why did he want to participate in the trial if he was not a fan of Johnny Depp and he replied that he just wanted to tell the truth. Elaine Bredehoft went ahead to ask him about a reply to a tweet Morgan sent to a user called The Umbrella Guy who according to Elaine is a pro-Johnny Depp account. Morgan had replied to The Umbrella Guy that Amber Heard was acting jealous and crazy and also admitted that he had sent a tweet to Elon Musk as well.

Later, Jennifer Howell, a former friend of Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez, was also called upon to testify via video deposition and she stated that she never witnessed Johnny Depp take any illicit drugs or be in intoxicated state. She also mentioned that she was never made aware of the fact that Johnny Depp was abusive towards Amber Heard, even though she was close friends with Whitney and Amber. Jennifer Howell, who met Amber Heard at the after party of the movie premiere of Pineapple Express thanks to James Franco. 

Jennifer Howell in her deposition mentioned that she does not feel any particular sense of loyalty towards Johnny Depp but all she is trying to do is tell the truth she clarified that she loved someone who she knew was doing something wrong and she knows that they are saying and doing things to protect their sister but she is trying to do the right thing. Jennifer Howell seemed to walk out of the deposition before lawyers had finished interrogating him, therefore the edited deposition only lasted around 15 minutes in court. However, Howell goes into considerably more depth in a court filing as she swears in a four-page affidavit that Whitney Henriquez told her that Amber Heard was the aggressor in the fight and that Amber Heard "was going to murder Johnny." (The document could be found online)

Johnny Depp’s team called Dr. Richard Shaw to the stand, who testified that the psychologist Amber Heard’s team hired had broken the rules and was unethical in providing the court and jury with the evaluation for Johnny Depp without meeting him. He mentioned that he was present in the court when Dr. David Spiegel was testifying and that he had read various other testimonies and, specifically talking about Dr. David’s analysis, he said that his results were unreliable.

A Goldwater Rule calls for psychiatrists not to render an opinion on a public figure without having met with them to do a proper evaluation. Richard Shaw mentioned that Dr. David Spiegel stated that he was certain that Johnny Depp had narcissistic personality traits and was a perpetrator of intimate partner violence, but he never carried out any of the tests or met him in person to confirm it, but his opinions were based on the video depositions.