Midnight Mass Episode 5 Audience Reactions of One of The Best TV Episodes of The Year
by Susweta Bose | Thu, 30 Sep 2021 14:03:42 GMT
PC: Entertainment Weekly

The fifth episode of the Midnight Mass, episode 5, has dropped in, the third addition to Mike Flanagan's horror series. The spooky horror series has officially started on Netflix on 24th September 2021, and it is getting hyped rapidly. 

You can save this for later if you have not watched the 5th episode of Midnight Mass as Mike Flanagan has dropped the horror TV series on Netflix. 

Following The Haunting of the hill house and Haunting of the Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan's third series follows a religious concept associated with the beliefs of the people of Crockett Island.

By now, everyone reading this would have a clear idea about what Mike Flanagan has to describe with the storyline of Midnight Mass. As we are slowly moving into the fifth episode of the show, we cannot stop thinking about the previous episode's tragedy and chaos. 

In the fifth episode of Midnight Mass, we can witness the sinister intentions of Father Paul and why he has come to Crockett Island. We can also see Riley getting dragged in the frame as he meets the angel. 

As "Book V: Gospels" commences, we can see Riley explaining to Erin that he believes that Father Paul described as Monsignor Pruitt's blood is meant for healing everyone. 

Later in the episode, Riley tells Erin that he loved her so much, and he was bit by an angel and turned into a vampire. He also added that he felt so sorry for saying this. 

Riley also stated that "Erin, I love you my whole life. One way or another". Erin "I Love you too." 

All the episodes are directly structured; all other cast members tell Riley that God has chosen you. We can also see Erin screaming after the death of Riley. Well, it was a fantastic surprise to all the audience who felt that the show was "Father Paul Vs. Riley" But now it has become Erin vs. Bev. 

Popular actress Nora Dominick also tweeted that, like all other Midnight Mass fans, she also loves the fifth episode of the Midnight Mass. 

Midnight Mass is currently streaming on Netflix, and we highly recommend you to watch the show as it is one of the best creations of Mike Flanagan.